Shivanya isn’t Naagin! Today Naagin 22nd May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shivanya isn’t Naagin! Today Naagin 22nd May 2016 Episode Written Updates : The last night episode of the TV series Naagin started with Shivanaaya arrives in the Shiv Mandir, and she asked to the Guru Dev whether he call her. Guru Dev said, no he did not call her. Now Rithvik is alone with his enemies and he is busy fighting with the goons. Rithvik is already being aware of it that it must be Shesha or Yamini’s paln in order to snatch the Naag Maani from him.


Naagin 22nd May 2016 Episode Written Updates

On the other hand, Shesha is trying her best to reach to the Rithvik in the Shivanya’s absent but eventually, Rithvik inform this to Shivanaaya and now Shivanaaya is being aware of it that Shesha is having lust for Rithvik. So Shivanaaya asked Rithvik to trick Shesha in order to trap her and Rithvik did the same!

And Rithvik captured Shesha now in room and lock her there with some Bell Patta but unfortunately when Yamini get to know the same, she makes her free. In the mean time, Amrita’s engagement ceremony with Kabir but Shesha takes Kabir’s form and the engagement ceremony happened then and Shesha is having motivation to kill Shivanaaya.

Now Viren also get back his life who, was coma till now and he is determined to take revenge from Shivanya. Meanwhile, Kabir also wants to kill Shivanaaya and he reached to the Shivanaaya’s room in the Nevla form.
He also heads towards Rivanya’s room in Nevla form. Shivanya then discovers that her Mangtika is lost and she starts searching for it. Rithvik enter in the room and he is shocked to know that Shesha is free now.

Now Kabir attacked on Shivanaaya, when she was alone, but Shivanaaya managed to save her and she runs towards Rithvik. And now Shivanaaya informed to Rithvik that Kabir is a Nevla and I and Shesha killed him.

And Rithvik asked now to her that and I make him fall from the window. Shivanaaya is shocked how Rithvik is aware of it then suddenly Rithvik turn in to Shesha and Shesha now warn to Shivanaaya, that if you dare to reveal the reality of Kabir then I will be a big danger for the Raheja family.

Precap: Yamini is seen informing someone that Shivanya is no more a Naagin. And Viren now is now revengeful towards Shivanya and wants to kill her, and for that he tricks the police officers by pointing the gun towards Shivanya.