Shocking Twist! Amma 28th August 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Shocking Twist! Amma 28th August 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- ‘Ek Maa Jo Laakhon Ke Liye Bani Amma’ is a series which captures the journey of an ordinary woman Zeenat, who is a mother, abandoned by her husband during one of the darkest phases of Indian history – the Partition – and her rise to a position of power by creating an identity for herself solely on the steam of her resilient spirit.

Amma Episode Written Updates

Amma Episode Written Updates

Amma Episode Written Updates

At a time when they were preyed upon mercilessly on the grounds of the faith they belonged to, Zeenat feels she have no freedom even she is unable to complete her basics needs.

Zeenat had two options either to bear all atrocities’ or she can revolt on it and she thinks to do revolt when she sees that everybody is giving their bad eyes on her.

Zeenat is now a role model for today’s women as she thinks to protest against all kind of atrocities which are now coming in the path of her. The show will thus encompass the journey of how an emotional, vulnerable mother, turned into a Godmother!”

Anyway, lets have some glimpses of the last week episode of the TV show Amma, in the last week episode it is shown that the police said that he is fishy about Hyder as whatever gang war happened in the city, all because of Hyder and they also sees Hyder fire on the police.

But Zeenat asked to police that she is sure that Hyder is innocent and she is just praying for him. She tries to convince police to supports her in proving that Hyder is innocent but police are in no mood to hear her.

She now on her way to meet with Hyder in the hospital, in the hospital meanwhile, Fatima rushes to bring medicine where someone tries to kill Hyder but on the nick of time Zeenat arrives and she asked her transgender friend to stay with Fatima as Fatima can’t manage everything alone.

She also prayed for the peace in the city as she doesn’t want to see the conflict in the city. Her transgender friend considers her as godmother Amma of the city who is too good. Her husband keen to kill Hyder for that he want to keep the transgender away from the hospital but still Zeenat want her to stay here.

Her husband thinks that I must need to do something to Zeenat as she is always there to protect Hyder and we need to kill Hyder. Even I send my goons here but in the nick of time, Zeenat arrives which ruin my plan.

Precap: Zeenat will be taking a drastic step.