Sidharth Save Roshni! Jamai Raja 8th March 2016 Tuesday Episode Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Jamai Raja” starts with Roshni telling Sid that she couldn’t remember anything and is feeling as if her nerves will rupture. She calls him Siddharth. Sid holds her and says you have called me by the name Siddharth as this name is part of you, your life, your soul and etc. He says your memory is returning slowly.

Sidharth Save Roshni! Jamai Raja 8th March 2016 Tuesday Episode Written Updates

Now Sid asked her to join the broken images and conclude. Just then Shabnam comes there and sees a man keeping hand on Roshni’s shoulder. Sid sees Shabnam and goes from there. Shabnam asks Roshni if Sid came there. Roshni says this can’t happen and looks for Sid. And also Roshni asked her to stay away from the Sidharth.

Shabnam thinks once again Sid also meet with her. Now Sid comes to house and wears the Saree andthe Jyoti’s hairs and accessories. Bansi comes there and asks why she is wearing man’s shoes. Jyoti tells that she is having old thinking and says she is jogging in sports shoes. She asks her to promise that she will do exercise with her. Bansi refuses and goes.

Now DD and Nani come to the hospital. DD shows photo of Shabnam and tries to know about her but all goes in vain. The Ward boy recognizes her, but says he doesn’t know. Nani sees Roshni’s report and shows it to DD. DD is about to read it, but suddenly a man come and snatch the report from the DD’s hands. The man said it is his daughter’s report. DD apologizes and goes. Another man sigh now they get save today.

Now Roshni talks to Jyoti Tai and says she doesn’t feel good with Kunal and don’t feel like husband and wife relation with him. She says she feels for Siddharth and he seems to be her near one. She hugs Jyoti. Roshni is worry for Sid as Sid is confronted with so many problems. Now Rohni hugs Jyoti and says I feel good with you too, just like I feel with Siddharth.

Sid hugs her and says me too. Sid calls Raj and tells him that Roshni is nearing to gain her memory back and called him Siddharth today. Raj asks him to be positive and became so happy with the positive report of the Roshni’s.
Jyoti ask Sidharth share some good moment with Roshni. Sid tells Roshni that her memory will be regained soon. Bansi comes and asks Roshni if Sid came here. Shabnam asks her to tell. Bansi raises hand on Roshni to slap her, but all of sudden Sid holds her hand and asks her to take her hand back as well humiliated her.

He warns her not to raise her hand on Roshni again and says he will meet Roshni again and again as she is his wife.
Precap: Bansi is about to slap Roshni and says who will save you now. Jyoti comes and asks why they are behaving badly with Roshni.

Bansi says to Jyoti that you are merely a servant so just stay in your limit.