Simar Stops Prem! Sasural Simar Ka 21st July 2016 Episode Written Updates

The latest crux of the TV series Sasural Simar Ka is to showcase that perhaps Simar’s son will be the reason for her separation with Prem as the reports are showing that, anyway the show will take a major time leap after their separation anyway.

Sasural Simar Ka Episode Written Updates

Sasural Simar Ka Episode Written Updates

Sasural Simar Ka Episode Written Updates

Simar will choose her baby over Prem actually, the situation will be compelling her to do so. The yesterday night episode of the TV series Sasural Simar Ka started with Mataji announcing that they will host a baby shower in Simar’s (Dipika Kakar) the seventh month.

But Khushi is anxious as this child has already started making problems and what will happen when the baby will actually come to this world. The show takes a five-month leap in which it is showcased that Prem scolds Simar for going on shopping as her baby shower function is all set to start soon.

Meanwhile Sujata goes to meet Baba to be doubly sure about the baby in Simar’s womb. Baba assures her that the baby is not evil and Simar will make him a better person. But still, Sujata want to make sure that baby is okay.

Then Baba gives her a bowl of milk which he asked her to keep in near Simar’s bed, if in the womb of Simar there is Kaal then the milk will turn black. In the mean time, Simar was busy preparing the Kheer but somehow she forgets about the Kheer and it is burnt then.

The family started considering the child but Simar said that it is her mistake that the Kheer is burnt, she also requested everybody not to blame her un born kid but everybody left the Godh Bharai on mid way as the burning of Kheer is consider as inauspicious.

Precap: Simar gives birth to the baby, the family is anxious as the baby is Kaal even Prem tries to steal the baby as the baby is Kaal but Simar run away with the baby.

She also announced that if anybody dares to snatch her baby from her then she will kill herself and she also denied anybody to follow her. She left the Bharadwaj house now and the family is shattered.

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