Sita’s Godh Bharai Ceremony! Siya Ke Ram 12th September 2016 Written Updates

Sita’s Godh Bharai Ceremony! Siya Ke Ram 12th September 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Guru Vashisth doing Ram’s Tilak and makes Ram wear the crown. Praja chants Ram and Sita ki Jai. Sita became happy. Ram says its my fortune to wear the crown of this Raaghukul. Ear;her, my ancestors have worked by sitting on the throne for the benefit of Praja and I will continue to do so. Ram further added that ” he swear to work for the welfare of the Praja and will devote his life in making Praja happy.” Dhoby looks on.


Surgreev and Vivbhishan told Ram that they were fortunate enough to be in the land of his but now, it’s their time to return to their respective places. Ram told Surgreev that ” It was my fortune to meet you and find a friend in you. I won this Dharm because I meet you and you helped me in my every means.

Ram told Vivbhishan that it was good to find a Dharm man in Lanka and I would like to wish you for your future. Ram hugs Vivbhishan and asked him to. Surgreev asked Hanuman to come with him.

Hanuman cries and holds Rm feat and asked Ram to not separate him from him. Ram says Hanuman you are my brother like Lakshman and how I will leave without my brother? So, you will always leave with me. Ram hugs Hanuman and everyone smiles.

On the other side, Valmiki wrote the Ramayan and places it in front of the idol. Valmiki says I have written it and presented you. Boys asked Valmiki is Ram and Sita’s story end here?

The whole Praja were happy and they were discussing the good times that will come under Ram Rajya. One man says we got a good Raja who never feel a difference between their family member and us. Dhobhi was silent and the man asked him to say something about Ram Rajya. Dhobhi told them that ” if the moon is of Poornima, its stains are seen more clearly, go and do your work.

On the other side, Kaikesi was preparing the food and feed the food to all her four daughters in laws along with Sumitra and Kausalya. All the Mata praises Sita and her sisters for their good behaviour and expressed their desire to be a grandmother soon.

Later, Sita went to her room and looks for Ram. Ram put his hand on Sita’s eyes and took her to the garden. Ram helped Sita in wearing flowers jewellery. Sita smiles. Ram goes close to Sita and holds Sita’s hand. They both feel strong feeling for them.


In the upcoming episode, Sita will be seen running and shouts Raghunandan. Ram wakes up and looks for Sita and did not find Sita around him and worries for her.