Siya Ke Ram 18th October 2016 Written Updates! Ram & everyone come to meet sita

The TV series Siya Ke Ram is yet to showcases now that Ram to bring Sita Back Vashist deduces that Ram’s nightmare is inauspicious for him as well as his subjects. He suggests Ram delay Sita’s return to Ayodhya. Will Ram listen to him it is yet to clear in the entire episode of the mythological TV series Siya Ke Ram?


The last night episode of the TV series Siya Ke Ram begins with a bad volcano eruption take place and Ram sees a nightmare in which Sita just reached in underground. Ram asked to the Guru Vashisths that why he see this kind of nightmare and the Guru said that the nightmare means that something bad is going to happen in Ayodhya very bad.

Ram looked worried and asked to Guru that he never raise any question of the Guru’s decision but now I am sceptical of my decision whether I will bring Sita here or not. And Guru asked to Ram that he have right to take decision on the entire issue and the Guru also asked to Ram that he will not intervene in this matter.

Sita’s sisters see her and they all go too emotional to see each other. Ram asked by his mothers that whether he is sure to bring back Sita in the Ayodha but Ram asked to them that he is very sure to bring Sita as Sita along with Luv and Kush faces too many difficulties in life so now he do not want them to be more tortured.

Ram’s mothers also go emotional and asked them to bring Sita in the Ayodha. Ram asked to Hanuman that he always trust him so now he is expecting that Hanuman will be support him and Sita as well he will be protect them. Hanuman promises to Ram that he will be doing the same.

Sita spent a good time with her sisters in the Ashram and Ayodhya citizens are too happy to see that Ram is rushed to bring Sita in the kingdom and now Ram is on his way to bring Sita in the Ayodhya from the Ashram.

Precap: Ram pledge to Sita that he want Sita to come with him but Sita refused with her teary eyes. Ram also broke down in tears.

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