Ram shoots arrow at raavan! Siya Ke Ram 29th August 2016 Written Updates

Ram shoots arrow at raavan! Siya Ke Ram 29th August 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Ram telling Ravan that he is the coward as he is using his powers. Ravan told Ram that if he would have these power then, he must have used them against him. Ravaan says I have gained these power after long “Tapasya.”


Siya Ke Ram 28th August 2016 Written Updates

Ravaan laughs and told Ram that Brahma, Vishu, Mahadev and the not even call can not kill me. He laughs and asked the Ram to fight with him. Ram shoots at Ravaan but he got disappeared.

Ravaan laughs and provokes Ram to kill him. Ram shoots, but every time Ravan got dissapeared. Trijata informs Sita that Ram and Ravaan are fighting with each other.

Hanuman gets teased, seeing Ravaan getting saved by every arrow of Ram. He asked Vibhisan is there any way to kill Ravaan? Vibhisan thinks and told Ram that there is an “Amrit Kalash” in Ravaan’s Naval and because of that he is not dyeing.

Ram shoots at Ravaan’s naval and he holds his navel and fell down on the ground. Blood came out of his stomach and he lies on the ground completely. Vibhisan cries seeing Ravan’s state and he sits near Ravan.

Ram comes there and holds Vibhisan. Ram asked Laxman to learn some precious thing from Ravan as he is one of the Gayani of a world and he is leaving the world. Laxman says he is our enemy and what one can learn from the enemy.

Ram says if one is an enemy than it does not mean he does not have gyaan. Laxman went to sit with Ravaan and asked him what he learns from life? Ravana says an ego of a person does not allow him to learn anything.

Ego will never allow one to learn anything and it is the main reason for the decline of a person. Ravan recalls that Vishu gave him the option of birthing 7 birth as Friend and 3 birth as the enemy. Ravan chooses 3 births as the enemy.

He tries to get up and looked to Ram and says lord Vishnu, I was the fool to not recognise you. But, I know you are so kind that you will forget me one day. Then, Ravan fell down on the ground and dies.

Ram and all the Vanar Cena along with Laxman, Sugreev, Vivbhisan folds their hand and greet Ravaan.


In the upcoming episode, Ram shoots an arrow at Ravana and Shastra Ravana will be born. Sita says women will kill you by taking Kali’s avatar.