So You Think You Can Dance India 1st May 2016 Episode Madhuri Dixit Shakes Legs With Terence

So You Think You Can Dance India 1st May 2016 Episode Madhuri Dixit Shakes Legs With Terence :- The dancing stage of the brand new dance reality show, “So You Think You Can Dance” is witnessed something spellbound last night which was enough to give goose bumps to the fans of the show. And it is still giving the goose bumps to the fans.

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Last night the legendary actress Madhuri Dixit shakes legs with the well-known dancer turn choreographer Terence Lewis to rock the dancing stage of the show. And literally, their dance was treating for the eyes and it was lovely to watch them together.

The just launched dance reality show, “So You Think You Can Dance”, is Indian version of the American show with the same name. The show is having a battle of Street v/s Stage and the buck stops at nothing when it comes to proving one’s supremacy on the dance floor. An expression, a move, a beat or even a small mistake won’t go unnoticed by Madhuri Dixit, Terence Lewis or Bosco Martis.

They are the panel team judges members and this time they decides to chose the perfect one as the dancer now have to dance in the stage of the “So You Think You Can Dance”. Thus, “So You Think You Can Dance… Ab India Ki Baari”, is goes on air every weekend at the 8.30 only on &TV.

Regarding holds the responsibility of being judging the show, Madhuri Dixit, stated to the media about it that, “The best part of taking up a show of such caliber is the fact that it brings forth exceptional talent from across nook and cranny of the country. Street vs Stage is exciting and something to watch out for”.

She further added, “Each contestant comes with a story which is so full of passion that it will move you… and being a dancer myself, I can relate to this passion.

Dance is a spiritual experience for me that lead to happiness. And this is the happiness I see in the contestants, too”.

Terence said to media about the dancing show, “When I watched the show years ago, it was so engaging that it raised the expectations for me as a dancer. I have been inspired by it and ever since, I have tried to present various styles in my performances. Like many of the contestants, I have also come from a very humble family and that has not stopped me from reaching where I am on merit. So for me, I will be judging the contestants on their hunger to learn and perform”.

So, don’t forget to watch some power packed performances by our amazing dancers. Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance at 8.30pm “So You Think You Can Dance”.