Task Chase The Monsoon 4! Splitsvilla 9 24th July 2016 Episode Mayuri & Martina Hd Video

In the yesterday’s epic episode Mayuri was dumped by Queen Martina on the show and also dumped body shaming. There were deep rifts between Queen Martina and Isha on Body Shaming. Varun also agrees with Queen and accompany her to shut Isha on body shaming. As Martina was managed to continue her rule over the throne for the second week and defeated Isha in the task who is picked by all the boys of the Villa.


Splitsvilla 9 24th July 2016 Episode

The two princesses Rajnandini and Mayuri try to please queen Martina and Queen made them dancing on her tunes. Its the dumping zone and the queen has to dump a girl this time instead of boys. She asks Rajnandini why she tagged Kavya as the worst dresser.

Rajnandini is keen on her choice. She slams Kavya for her body colour and tone. The queen fights for her and shuts Isha on Body Shaming. Ranvijay announces from now there will be two queens in the Villa that would share equal powers. Well, no matter Martina is queen or not but she will always be a queen for Varun. Isn’t that so adorable?

A task held named Hasi to Phasi for the golden bracelet race and Rajnandini wins the bracelet. She also wins the throne and becomes the second queen in the Villa with equal powers as Martina has. What gonna next in the show that makes us left excited to watch the next episode of the show.

Don’t forget to catch the today’s special episode of the dating reality show Splitsvilla where the woman rules and get the glimpse of the new twist of two queens in the Villa. Does it easy to survive for the Splitvillians with two queens? Watch it out today at 7 pm only on MTV.

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