Yuvraaj Called police! Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2 September 2016 Written Episode Updates

Yuvraaj Called police! Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2 September 2016 Written Episode Updates :- The show starts with Fake Dadi telling that what happened in the absence of her. She told everyone that she broke their house in real Dadi’s absence. Pratima asked her to go and they will manage everything. Yuvraj tells you kidnapped me. Suhani recalls her marriage.


Pratima asked you were kidnapped? Yuvraj says yes. Bhavna asked it means you did not leave Suhani? Yuvraj says I can never do that. Real Dadi asked her to get out. Suhani cries seeing Yuvraj.

They all get asked fake Dadi to get out. Pratima told Real Dadi to get some rest. Real Dadi goes to rest. everyone thinks it is very difficult to find out the real whose is real Dadi.

Rags and Menka decided to complain about Soumya and how she troubled them in her absence. Soumya brought the juice for Dadi. Ragini and Menka came there and complained about the Soumya.

Dadi asked who has the key? Rags and Menka say Soumya. Dadi says you all are a fool as how you could forget that I never used to give house keys to anyone. She takes back the house keys from Soumya.

Meanwhile, Kids asked about the fake Dadi. Yuvraj says Dadi has a twin sister and they all were playing a game where they have to find the real Dadi. Kids went to meet Real Dadi.

On the other side, Sambhav meets Fake Dadi and he asked what do you want from me ? She asked him to not talk rudely to him. Sambhav says I am not the part of your plan now but I will go back and tries to make everything sorted.

Suhani was packing her bag. Yuvaan when we will come back here. Suhani told him that it is his home and he can come back anytime. Bhavna came there and asked who want to eat her? Yuvan goes from there. Yuvraj came there and Bhavna leaves.

Yuvraj helped Suhani in packing the bags. Suhani says you argue a lot. Yuvraj says with whom I will argue when you will leave this house. He told her that Yuvan is happy with Sambhav. He asked her to began their new friendship career.


In the upcoming episode, Yuvraj asks Suhani what’s this? She says friendship band from my side, this will protect you. She makes him wear the kids. Sambhav looks on angrily.