Sujata & Annapurna Are Shocked! Swaragini 1st March 2016 Written Updates

Sujata & Annapurna Are Shocked! Swaragini 1st March 2016 Written Updates :- The TV series “Swaragini” has now all set to welcome new twists and turns in the show. Make sure you should not miss a single episode of the show, and if you miss by chance here is the written updates of the show given below.

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Swaragini 1st March 2016 Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Swaragini” starts with Swara got free from the swear of her father as her mother made her free. And she moved to Sanskar’s home and on arriving there she was treated well by all the family members along with all the rituals.

Now one the day one it is Swara’s duty to cook first something in her Sasural (In-Laws-House) as it would be her first Rasoi. Sujatha, Annapurna and her Bhabhi encourage her to cook something special but Swara had been seen confuse in what to cook. Her Bhabhi now asked her to prepare Milk Cake which is her dad used to make for her and the entire Goradiya family.

So to recall the recipe she call in her Badi but insulted in phone by her dad, Swara became sad. Now Swara recall her past memories which she shares with her family. Somehow Swara prepares the lunch and served it to the Maheshwari family, where Sujatha invited Lakshay to come and join.

But Annapurna interrupted her by saying don’t call him, if he is having no choice. As Lakshay was now going outing with Kavya now.

Now Ragini tries to convince her father Shekhar and says that Swara did all the things to make everyone happy and her this step is to make both the families stable and healthy in relation between them both.

On that Shekhar replies to Ragini that he can forgive Sarmishtha for what she done as Sumi is her wife but not Swara who insults his dad as well break the swear of her dad.

Now Ragini speaks with Sarmishtha that how she cannot support Swara when on the one hand Swara is right on the other hand she is Ragini’s sister.