Sunny Leone’s Next Is A Biopic On Her Life Journey? By Tere Bin Laden Director

Sunny Leone’s Next Is A Biopic On Her Life Journey? By Tere Bin Laden Director :- Nothing prevents Sunny Leone from doing what she wants. Be it her career and work choices to her movie selections, Leone ever does everything uniquely from others. Though so far, no A-Lister makers have attempted to make a documentary of her life or even feature in it, Sunny thinks differently. After leading in a biopic on her life so far, Sunny Leone will now feature in a biopic on her own life, directed by Abhishek Sharma, whose last movie was Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive.


The venture will be produced by herself Sunny and her love of life her husband Daniel Weber. And, a source revealed, “It will be different from the other documentary. It will be a genuine, heartfelt drama with a splash of laughter and joviality interspersed. Daniel, too, will play himself a cameo in this commercial masala entertainer venture, which will take a no-holds-barred glimpse of her livelihood, of her falling in love with Daniel, her nuptials to Daniel, her approach into Bollywood and her experience with the movies here. The outline is filming its shot as they want to bind up all the slack ends before unveiling it by the Christmas month of this year. Some of Sunny and Daniel’s buddies will also cast in the film.”

It is pretty crispy and somewhat humorous to know that she will play herself in the movie. Leela Actress, who has been hooked up with many jobs to do in life, now has another scheme to work on. The hottie was recently trapped in a paparazzi for chanting the National Anthem mistakenly at a sports match. While the actress’ response to this piece of news was, “That’s for celebs and the TV channels to manage with those people who are outraged. As far as I am involved, I worked very carefully on it and many people approved it. Every single word and pronunciation and every single thing were authenticated. I know there is always an objection around. There is nothing I can make.

Here are some pictures of Sunny and Daniel with Friends:-