Superhit! Aligarh movie 5th Day Box Office Collection Total Business

Superhit! Aligarh movie 5th Day Box Office Collection Total Business : This weekend there’s lots of options for the people and they don’t want to waste their money if I talk about “Aligarh” then I can say that this movie is far better than other releases and getting good reviews from the critics and the people who watching this movie also this movie is really something that deserve good response but this movie is not fully succeed on attracting people mostly youth because this movie is not the option of good entertainment. This movie based on true incidents and people are not getting attract to the story and they didn’t even have any buzz for this movie.


We can’t say that this movie is bad because this movie is different and one of those movies who don’t survive on Indian Movie industry and I think that type of movie deserve a lot from people but people not attracts towards this movie and that’s so bad in my words well, we have to give our time to this type of movies because they are good and more good then Bollywood non-scripted movies.

Manoj Bajpai and Rajkummar Rao’s ‘Aligarh‘ trailer had received unstoppable reviews before the release, which is based on heartbreaking and powerful story of Professor Siras, a prolific teacher who faced abject humiliation and persecution at the hands of university authorities and other citizens for being a gay.

Aligarh managed to garner good to excellent reviews from all quarters, and that’s going to be the biggest takeaway for Hansal Mehta, Manoj Bajpayee, Rajkummar Rao and company. The collections stayed low around the 1.5 crore mark and though Eros did give it a respectable release, the film was way too niche for the audience to step in.

People don’t really attracts towards this type of movie because they wants drama-action and this movie may not gave you that but if you want to see a decent movie then in my words you should go for that movie because this is something out of box for you and you have to watch this movie because that type of movie came so bit in Bollywood.