Splitsvilla 8 Episode 13 Video Fights Kissing Tasks Vanessa & Reshu Eliminated Due To Book Of Fortune Twist

Splitsvilla 8 Episode 13 Video Fights Kissing Tasks Vanessa & Reshu Eliminated Due To Book Of Fortune Twist : Finally the wait is over, today is Saturday and most awaited [inlinetweet prefix=”null” tweeter=”null” suffix=”null”]Sunny Leone MTV Splitsvilla Season 8th Episode 13th[/inlinetweet] will took place tonight at 07:00 PM on MTV channel. And repeat same show will took place at 10:00 PM. In Today’s episode Sunny Leone is wearing Brown color dress with white stripes in which she was looking dam hot. In today’s show Ranvijay Singh was back on stage of MTV Splitsvilla along with Karan Kundra and he give kissing tasks to contestants. Now below get complete details of Splitsvilla 8 Episode 13.

splitsvilla 8 episode 13

Splitsvilla 8 Episode 13

In today’s episode of MTV Splitsvilla Season 8 massive fight took place between King Paras and Prince Narula. First time book of Fortune will be opened in Splitsvilla season 8. Who will be Dumped and saved by Book of Fortune? let’s wit and watch. After this we will see kissing task with Lip lock heart competition between contestants. For this Competition, we will see the pair up between “uttkarsh-sana”,”Zaan-Mia” and “Karishma-priyanka”. That time, prince is told that he don’t want participate in this competition.

Amaad chooses to open the Book of Fortune and unfortunately that brings in bad news for three girls. So now Amaad, Ishaan, Priyanka, Vanessa and Reshu are in the dumping zone.

The Book of Fortune definitely brought in good news but only for the wicked queen Subuhi Joshi. The decision is left up to her and so, Subuhi will decide who should get dumped. She would be dumping two contestants. She dumped Vanessa and Reshu. Subuhi just did what was right. Paras revealed clearly that he is in the show purely for the game and he does not mind his friend cum queen Subuhi’s decision. Fights and arguments are part and parcel of dumping ground.

Buttt…the Book of Fortune had something more to say. The boys can stay in the villa if the girls chose to leave the villa. Vanessa chose to leave and so Amaad is saved. Ishaan wished to stay back and so Reshu had to leave the show. In this case Subuhi is happy as she has her connection Ishaan back in the show.

After the tough dumping session the contestants are back in the villa and things start to change between Karishma and Prince once again. These two are definitely not made for each other but are very good at bitching about Splitvillains. Anyways, the contestants are set for their next task that is called ‘Kiss Ready’. The hosts Karan and Rannvijay revealed none of the contestants are safe. The pair who wins this task will be saved from next dumping ground. Bisexual Karishma and the lovey-dovey pair Utkarsh and Sana were excited about the task. Karishma was paired with Priyanka as Ishaan refused to play the task.

Anyways, the love connection task was fun to watch. Contestants and hosts were having a gala time watching Karishma and Priyanka’s performance. So, finally which pair got saved from next elimination is the question. And the suspense ends! Rannvijay revealed the result – Prince and Anuki win the task and are safe from next elimination.

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Splitsvilla 8 Episode 13 Video Fights Kissing Tasks Book Of Fortune Twist

Main Points To Focus In Today’s Episode :

  • kissing Task.
  • Karishma & Priyanka lip kiss.
  • The book of fortune opens 1st time in season 8.
  • Prince & Paras fight.
  • Vanessa and Reshu get eliminated.
  • Prince make connection with Anukhi.
  • Prince won the kissing task and get immunity (save from dumping zone.)