Swara Steal Keys From Ragini! Swaragini 17th Dec 2015 Episode

Swara Steal Keys From Ragini! Swaragini 17th Dec 2015 Episode : “Swaragini” drama is going par apart in which Ragini is showing her real but not the plesent one face. In this process Swara decides to snatch Keys form her. But before she doing anything Ragini realized Swara’s cleverness. In fact when Swara gives the paper to Ragini, Ragini reads it that in the paper it is written that Ragini is giving her property back to Maheshwari family. Ragini scolds Swara for changing the right paper to the wrong one and she wants the real paper back.

Swara Steal Keys From Ragini! Swaragini 17th Dec 2015 Episode

Swaragini 17th December 2015 Episode

Swara was in no mood to give it back to the Ragini but Ragini threatened Durga Prasad that she will reveals his past life and she will be call the singer also. Durg Prasad became anxious and asked Swara to give her the right paper.

Eventually, Ragini insults Swara and asked her to leave the Maheshwari house. Even Swara and Ragini’s Dadi support Ragini and asked Swara to back her Badi. Ragini asked Swara that she haves no right to stay here as Sanskar hate her. He even signs the divorce paper.

Now Swara it’s your turn Ragini added further. When Sanskar saw that Ragini humiliating Swara, Sanskar interrupted them and asked Ragini to stay away from Swara.

Sanskar also asked Ragini and Dadi to leave. When they leave Sanskar asked Swara that even he wants, that Swara should have been leave Sanskar and Maheshwari house. Swara feel sad with it as now Swara falls in love with Sanskar and wanted to live with him.

Anyway, Swara asked Durga Prasad that why he gives the property paper back to Ragini about which Durga Prasad didn’t replied anything. Gradually, in the Kitchen when two sisters went together, Swara put something on Ragini’s eyes which makes darkness in front of her eyes.

Now Ragini unable to see anything and she rush to wash off her eyes, in this process Swara steals the Keys from Ragini’s waist. What will be Ragini’s reaction now when she will not get her keys.