Ragini Shocked to See Blackmailer Face! Swaragini 15th August 2016 Written Updates

Ragini Shocked to See Blackmailer Face! Swaragini 15th August 2016 Written Updates :- The episode began with Sanskar’s entering into his room. Seeing the sad face of Swara, he asked why she was upset. Then Swara revealed that she was sad because Ragini slapped her.

Swaragini ragini shocked

On the other hand, Ragini told Laksh that this is a matter between sisters. It should be best kept to them. Then Ragini said there was an argument and at the spurt of the moment she slapped Swara. Assuming more serious issue was between them; Laksh convinced Ragini that they had argued before as well, but both sisters had never raised hands at each other.

Laksh also enquired why Ragini withdrew money from the bank to which she replied that her friend needed it. Then Laksh went to the office after getting an assurance that Ragini wasn’t hiding anything from him.

Then the brothers came face to face. Laksh asked Sanskar not to say anything bad to Ragini citing that Swara had also raised her hands at Ragini in the past. But Laksh never interfered between the sisters’ arguments.

Suddenly Swara got a call from orphanage informing her about her lost brother. She immediately noted down the details and told everything to Sanskar. On the other scene, Ragini got a blackmailer’s call asking her to send those hidden pictures. Ragini refused but later agreed on the condition of meeting an anonymous person. The blackmailer agreed and asked her to meet him at 8pm at a certain place.

Meanwhile, Swara and Sanskar were stunned to see that the boy was not there. The Orphanage official told them that someone has already taken the boy with him. Swara enquired if it was dad, but orphanage staff said no. Swara was anxious that then who took away chhotu?

On another scene, Ragini met with the goon and got emotional finding Chotu with them. Ragini adored the boy introducing herself as Ragini didi (sister). Well, until now the blackmailer kept his face secret and didn’t reveal that why has he kidnapped Chhotu.

Precap: In today’s episode, it will be revealed that who is the blackmailer in reality and what was his motive behind it. Ragini will see the blackmailer’s face in today’s episode. Ragini is shocked after seeing the blackmailer’s face. Don’t miss it.