Swaragini 20th November 2015 Episode Swara Slaps Ragini!

The TV serial “Swaragini” never fails to keep its viewers pleased with interesting twists and turns, these days the melodrama having huge audience’s attention because of its mesmerizing drama. As of now, we all know Ragini has been leaving no stone unturned to spoil Swara’s life and image in front of Maheshwari house. Ragini loves Lakshay and Lakshay doesn’t love Ragini, instead he loves her sister Swara. So Ragini wants to spoil Swara’s life.

Swaragini 20th November 2015 Episode Swara Slaps Ragini!

Swaragini 20th Nov 2015 Episode

In the yesterday episode of “Swaragini” we saw that created a situation where both Annapurna and Sujata would look down upon Swara. On the other hand, she insisted Swara and Lakshya to a farmhouse and resolve their differences, and she promised to Swara that eventually she will be joining them.

When Swara joined Lakshay in the farm-house where Lakshay was busy playing crackers with children. Swara also played crackers with them and she convinces him to accept Ragini.

But still Lakshay is in no mood to accept Ragini, which make Swara angry and Swara repeat that we do not need to argue on this issue Lakshay as you promised me that you will be accepting Ragini and will be giving her one more chance.

Lakhay said okay, meanwhile, Ragini call Swara and asked her to stay there. She will be joining them gradually.

Meanwhile, Ragini was assured about spotting both Lakshay and Swara being together by Annapurna and Sujata in the farm-house.

In the tonight episode Ragini’s wrong intentions will be exposed in front of Swara. Swara, will be shocked to realized that her sister Ragini whom she trusted a lot is planned to ruin her image in eyes of Sujata and Annapurna.

Now angry as well hurt Swara would be facing Ragini in front of the family. She upset with the fact that even after supporting Ragini on every aspects of her life, Ragini still hasn’t changed her motives.

So, Swara slap Ragini in front of everyone and breaks all kind of relationship with her.

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