Swaragini 30th November 2015 Episode Written Updates

Swaragini 30th November 2015 Episode Written Updates : The TV serial “Swaragini” keep people engaged with its interesting twists and turns. We all know that the kidnapping drama of the TV series is going huge interesting and still we have not find out who actually kidnap Ragini. There are hints that Lakshya has organized Ragini’s kidnapping to put the blame on Sanskaar. Lakshay on the other hand, is still did not forgive her as she not only forcefully and being deceive marry him.

Swaragini 30th November 2015 Episode Written Updates

Swaragini 30th Nov 2015 Episode

Ragini also literally ruin Swara’s life. Anyway, in the last week episode we saw that Swara was seen in search of Ragini’s kidnaper. Everybody is blaming Swara, Ragini too blaming her and Ragini fetching family members’ attention, love and sympathy.

Swara tried to cope up with Ragini by offering her water but Ragini again started screaming after seeing Swara. She also started saying it is Swara who actually kidnap me. When Dadi arrive she also asked Swara to stay away from Ragini as Ragini is constantly getting fear from Swara.

In the last week episode we watched that Swara was sleeping in her room, but suddenly she catch the glimpses of mask man in her room. Swara followed him and try to catch him but the mask man manages to run away.

In the upcoming episode we will see the masked man making an attempt to murder Ragini in the storeroom. Scared Ragini will be faint and when she will be getting conscious, she will find Swara beside her. Eventually, Ragini will be cried and asks everyone that Swara tried to kill her.

So, now the police will come to Maheshwari mansion. Swara will be taken in police custody and no one will trust her except Sanskaar. As per the buzz, Lakshya will be trying his best to rescuing Swara by investigating the matter.

The person who kidnap and attempt to murder Ragini was seen in red shawl and police have only this single clue. So, in the upcoming episode the face of the person behind the mask will be comes out.