Major Twist! Swaragini 4th August 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Major Twist! Swaragini 4th August 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Swaragini starts with Dadi asking Ragini that where did she goes in the morning. Ragini says to Dadi that I went to the Mandir (Temple) to pray for Maa and Bau Ji as today is their wedding anniversary.

Swaragini Episode Written Updates

Swaragini Episode Written Updates

Swaragini Episode Written Updates

She prepared Maal Pua for Maa and Bau Ji and she also said that I will give Maal Pua to Annapurna too as she is my mother to see that Annapurna asked her to give Maal Pua. Ragini became too happy to see Annapurna and asked to her that you are my mother and your biggest gift to me is my marriage with Lakshay.

Annapurna and Durga Prasad Maheshwari asked to Ragini that they have been forgiving Ragini and they also asked Ragini to come home. Now Ragini come in the home where Annapurna asked to her that promised me that you will never hide anything from us in future.

Swara asked to them that surely Ragini won’t hides anything from the Maheshwari family now. Ragini come where Sujata bring cake now and Ragini cut the cake to see that Sulekha come and she creates havoc in the house as Adarsh send divorce paper to Pareenita.

But Adarsh and the Maheshwari family says that he want divorce from Pareenita anyhow. Now Sulekha explain to Pareenita that Adarsh want to divorce her. Pareenita call Ragini and asked her to meet with her in the Pahadi temple, Pareenita asked to Sulekha that she is going to meet with Adarsh.

In the Pahadi temple Ragini said to Pareenita that she tries but nobody wants her in the Maheshwari house. Then Pareenita threatened to Ragini that she will be show this video to Maheshwari family.

Now when Pareenita refused to give the video then Pareenita tries to snatch the same in this process Pareenita fallen down in river and Ragini screams Bhabhi.

Ragini is unable to reveal the truth to the family as she is feared that nobody will believe that Pareenita fallen down by herself instead they will think Ragini pushes her as once she did the same with Swara.

Ragini is sacred to face anger from the Maheshwari family so neither she calls anyone to save Pareenita nor she reveals the reality to family, although she tries to save Pareenita but fail to do so.

Ragini is anxious to see that Sulekha announced to the Maheshwari family that if anything will happen with Pareenita then neither she will spare the Maheshwari family as well she will punished all.

She also informed to police that last Pareenita meet with Adarsh, since she is missing. Adarsh says shockingly that he did not meet with Pareenita but Sulekha does not believe on him.

Precap: Sulekha asked Swara to help police in the process of searching Ragini.