Nintendo Switch Lite Case To Arrive In November, But it’s Only in Japan For Now

Nintendo Switch Lite Case To Arrive In November, But it’s Only in Japan For Now :- Nintendo Switch offers many multiplayer games to play along with this it also gives you most amazing experience while playing. The Switch Lite is all set to get released on 20th September 2019. The new variant of the console is going to be small enough to fit in a shirt pocket along with this it will also have a longer battery life than the original Switch. But at the same time you can’t connect it to a TV.

Nintendo Switch Lite Case To Arrive In November

Well, Nintendo’s Switch Lite on the other hand seems to be a great portable console. But, at the same time, because of its portable-focused nature, you may possibly want to get a case for it. You will be happy to know that Nintendo is making a case that looks just perfect.

As we know that the arrival of Nintendo’s portable-only Switch Lite is just few weeks away and at this time the pocket-sized game system is getting an official case, not everywhere but at least in Japan.

There’s also a listing for the official Switch Lite case that showcased up for pre-order on Nintendo’s Japan website on Friday. As per to the website, the case has been listed for 3,758 yen, or about $35, and is all set to release on 1st November 2019. At present, Nintendo’s US website doesn’t have a listing for the case and it is still not clear that if the accessory is going to come to the US.

The case on the other hand seems to be made out of some sort of gray cloth, as well as it also clips on to the Switch Lite. Well, right now we can say that it is not the flashiest case amongst the available in the market, but at the same time it does the basics and that is to protects the Switch.

It comprises of a fold-down cover in order to keep the screen from getting scratched up, as well as it cleverly has some dimples on the cover so the joysticks don’t get tumbledown.

The snap-on case comprises of a flip cover as well as two bumps on the outside, consistent to the analog sticks that are present on the Switch Lite. Amazon Japan on the other hand had also has a listing for the case as well as does ship globally.

When the case will comes out on November 1st, it will cost you 3,758 yen, or roughly $35.36, , which makes it pretty affordable, too. There’s only one problem related to it that Nintendo has only announced the case for Japan, and there has been no word of US availability.