Epic Episode! Tashan-e-Ishq 22nd August 2016 Today Written Updates

Epic Episode! Tashan-e-Ishq 22nd August 2016 Today Written Updates :- As we all know about the soap opera Tashan-e-Ishq it is showcasing that both Yuvi and Kunj are trying their best to impress Twinkle as both of them in love with Twinkle and they want Twinkle in their life. In order to impress Twinkle, even Yuvi hides his real identity and he donned a false man’s images’ Jassi who is considered as Twinkle’s partner in the dance.

Tashan-e-Ishq Today Written Updates

Tashan-e-Ishq Today Written Updates

Tashan-e-Ishq Today Written Updates

Anyway in the last night episode of the TV series Tashan-e-Ishq it has been shown that Twinkle asked Kunj that how can Yuvi win his so call dancing completion but Kunj says I can’t do anything and let him win, I’m giving up. Twinkle hurts and she somehow notices that Kunj is crying silently. Twinkle also got teary eyes to see that Yuvi asked her to give lift and she gives the nod.

In the car, Twinkle received the call from the principal that in the college fest can be organised in which Twinkle need to dance but she needs a partner for her.

In the meantime, Yuvi and Kunj had an encounter in which both asked to each other that Twinkle belongs to them to see by Yuvi that a letter fall down from the Kunj’s pocket.

After Kunj go from there Yuvi read the letter and he became happy to know that now Kunj will leave the college and the job of the professor. Somehow Kunj agrees to dance with Twinkle in the fest and Twinkle also gives the nod to save the reputation of the college.

Somehow Twinkle feels that Kunj doesn’t want to dance with her and Yuvi also manages to lock Kunj in the dressing room. Now in the fest when Twinkle was dancing she was also waiting for Kunj to join him but Kunj can’t come out as he was locked in the dressing room.

Somehow on the stage, Kunj manages to join Twinkle to shake legs with her to see that somehow Twinkle fall down but she manages herself to give a fabulous dancing performance.

Now after dancing performances she lashes on Kunj thinking that he doesn’t want to dance with her but Kunj manages herself anyhow.

He also asked to Twinkle in the stage as part of their college drama that whatever I did with you I accept that but my love for you is always true. Both Kunj and Twinkle have an eye lock.

Precap: Yuvi dressed as Jassi and now he starts doing his make-up to apply false beard on his face like Jassi. Kunj sees him suddenly.