Telugu Kathakali Movie 2nd Day Box Office Collection Earning Report

The Tamil actor Vishal starrer Telugu cinema “Kathakali” is already hitting theatre from this last Friday this movie had banger story plot and direction this movie is a Telugu version of the Tamil cinema with the same name. “Kathakali” is the latest Telugu film dubbed from the Tamil Movie. The promotion of the movie goes very proper.

Telugu Kathakali Movie 2nd Day Box Office Collection Earning Report

Kathakali is very good movie and had good buzz among the people also this movie had great story plot and the way this movie is going is extra ordinary also this movie had very good script and the Tamil version of this movie is already a block buster and I am sure that people going to attract towards this movie too.

Kathakali is directed by the very talented director and that’s make this movie so extraordinary also people loving this movie because the way this movie presented by the makers.’

The story of the film is all about solving a murder mystery and all that. It is a typical Southern Masala flick, in which Vishal is playing the lead role and he has been returned to the town from the US after four years for his marriage. But arrival in the city Vishal realised that their beloved city has been takeover by the goons.

Now Vishal take the responsibility to drive the goons out from the city and for this Vishal literally showcase his machismo and larger than life personality and the all that. The music of the movie is very pleasant and it literally wins heart of the people.

First two days collection of this movie-

Well, this movie received mixed reviews from the critics as well as from the audience also we gave this movie 3/5 and that’s good I think for this movie Kathakali opened with good opening and collected between 1.17 Crore In the first day of release and still going good.

Kathakali has good story plot and that can attract people also this movie collected between 1.00 Crore in the 2nd day of release and that’s good I am sure that this movie is going to make good earnings in upcoming days for makers.

If you are planning to watch this movie then you can watch because this movie is something that you can watch also this movie had good twist and turns and that can make you feel good till the last minute of the movie.