Telugu Movie Rojulu Marayi Running Successfully at Box Office Collection

Telugu Movie Rojulu Marayi Running Successfully at Box Office Collection :- Rojulu Marayi, directed by Murali Krishna Mudidani, which is associated with the Chandrasekhar Yeleti, was delivered on 1st July and doing excellent collections at the box office. It is simultaneously presented by Dil Raju and Maruthi under the standard of SVC and Maruthi Talkies.

Telugu Movie Rojulu Marayi Review, Ratings, Box office Collection

Chetan Maddineni, Parvatheesam, Tejaswi, and Kruthika are performing the leading role acting. It is a tiny fund and young people entertainer film. The film storyline and screenplay are given by Maruthi. While the film is produced on the small allowance though the stock value is powerful and the main asset of the film. Rojulu Marayi made Rs 1.05 Crores on its opening day and earned 2 Crores in its two days of track.

Rojulu Marayi Review, Ratings, Box office Collection

Rojulu Marayi Box office Collection

The famous director Murali Krishna’s Romantic-Drama Rojulu Marayi issued on 1st July 2016 globally. Following the current failure of extremely likely Telugu films, Rojulu Marayi mainly actor Chetan Maddineni, Kruthika, and Parvatheesam, Tejaswi Madivada insignificant characters.

This is producer Murali Krishna’s 1st film. Following seeing Rojulu Marayi Film Reviews the hopes raised that Rojulu Marayi Box Office Collection will be great. Let’s soon return our center to Rojulu Marayi Film Reviews and Rojulu Marayi opening Day Collection Forecast.

The storyline of the Rojulu Marayi flick is given below:

The storyline of the Rojulu Marayi film centers on the character of girls in the modern age. Because per the ingenious idea of the girls and forecast of a Holy Baba, Where the two pairs become married that too under unexpected conditions. While the Baba’s prophecy doesn’t get into drama the girls catch different conclusion that completely turns the future of the boys. To prepare a recitation to the girls, boys link deals with the helping role.

Rojulu Marayi Box Office Collection, Rojulu Marayi Total Income Forecast:

Rojulu Marayi 1st Day Box office Collection:

Outstanding to new waves and the film being a Rom-Com fans turned to the cinemas on the opening day starting Rojulu Marayi First Day Box Office Collection at around 2 crores approximately.

Rojulu Marayi Second Day Collection:

On the theory of Rojulu Marayi getting fingers up of the populace on the opening day, Rojulu Marayi 2nd Day Box Office Collection will remain between 2 to 3 crores.

Rojulu Marayi

Following the up-to-date mistakes, critics suppose Rojulu Marayi to be the hero. The load,of the victory, rests on Chetan Maddineni, Kruthika and Tejaswi Madivada, Parvatheesam Rojulu Marayi Entertainment Editor Maruthi’s musical talks.

faith that Rojulu Marayi 1st Weekend Box office Mass will be great. Rojulu Marayi Song is previously a favorite amongst the virginity. Rojulu Marayi Review from both the public and the authorities are confident. Let’s have our digits joined and we would renew you with Rojulu Marayi Box Office Collection and Rojulu Marayi Film advanced Report.