Bihaan applies tilak on thapki head! Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th october 2016 Written Updates

Bihaan applies tilak on thapki head! Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th october 2016 Written Updates :- The latest crux of the TV series Thapki Pyaar Ki is now yet to showcases that after knowing that Thapki doesn’t consume alcohol, Bihaan pours a drink, hoping to expose the so-called ‘Vaani Oberoi’. However, Thapki surprises Bihaan by consuming the drink. Later, despite being unable to create a rift between Kosi and Shraddha, Thapki manages to turn the situation in her favour.


The last night episode of the TV series Thapki Pyaar Ki begins with Bihaan offer Vaani aka Thapki to have a drink but Vaani refused by saying that she is in no mood to drink now. Bihaan asked to her that you are having no mood to drink or you don’t drink as Thapki doesn’t drink.

Vaani goes annoyed with Bihaan and she consumes the drink. Thapki also promised to her that in Vaani’s attire she will reveal the reality of Kosi Devi anyhow as she promised to her unborn kid that she will be save the Pandey family.

Vaani also humiliated Shraddha which actually likes by Preeti and Suman and they criticised Shraddha but when Shraddha sees them both Preeti and Suman looks panic. Kosi is in the plan to make a deal with Vaani to have money and she invites Vaani to come in the dinner to the Pandey Niwas.

In the Pandey Niwas Vaani aka Thapki tries to create differences between Shraddha and Kosi but fail to do so as by doing emotional drama Shraddha turn Kosi in her supports. Shraddha and Kosi also consider each other as mother and daughter duo.

Kosi also accepted the Saree which brought by Shraddha to her. Vaani realised that it is not that simple to break Kosi and Shraddha from each other. She also thinks that but she need to separate them as by separating Shraddha and Kosi she can achieve her goal anyway.

Precap: Kosi invites Vaani aka Thapki for the Jagrata. Bihaan asks Thapki and Surbhi to come and stay in his house for few days. He thinks he will force her then it will be reveal’s that Vaani is the Thapki.

Now with a motive Bihaan apply Tilak on over the forehead of Thapki.