Today Finale Week Yamini is Shocked! Naagin 4th June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Today Finale Week Yamini is Shocked! Naagin 4th June 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last week episode of the TV series Naagin begins with Kabeer turn Mangoose and he tortures Rithik and asks him to give him the Maani before he would die but Rithvik says that he will not handover the Maani even he died. But Shivanaaya managed to saves Rithvik from Kabeer by hitting on his head.

Naagin Episode Written Updates

Naagin Episode Written Updates

Naagin Episode Written Updates

But when Rithvik realised that it is Shivanaaya who harm him, holds Shivanaaya and he now begin to tortures her. When Kabeer is about to now kill Shivanaaya, Shesha arrives and she holds Kabeer. Kabeer said that now I will be killing both of the Naagins, Rithvik and Shivanaaya.

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But Shivanaaya asked to Kebeer that you will be die Kabeer on my hands and she beheaded Kebeer with Shasha’s help and Shivanaaya also screams at Kabeer that how dare you touch my Rithvik.

You have to pay for it and you have to die for it and now Shivanaaya killed Kabeer. Shesha now asked to Rithvik and she risked her own life in order to save Rithvik and Shivanaaya. So now Rithvik is belongs to her and she said that Shivanaaya also promised me that she will be handover you to me.

When now Shesha is about to hold Rithvik, Rithvik asked her to stay away from him and he holds Shivanaaya’s hands. Rithvik also asked to Shesha that she is a selfish Naagin and Shivanaaya is a selfless Naagin, so Rithvik is now belongs to her.

And now he holds Shivanaaya’s hands and he is now leaving the site and Shesha is crying at anger but the bees now attacked on Shesha and they about to kill her but she manages to save her life to discuss with Yamini about her next plan to trap Shivanaaya and Rithvik.

Now Shivanaaya asked to Rithvik that she will do a Puja to regain her power and to safeguard Rithvik from Yamini and Shesha. She also asked to Rithvik that surely Yamini will be tried to ruin the Puja, hence you need to keep her busy.

And Shesha will be also coming to you and she will be asked to you that I love you and you need to say I hate you to ruin her plan. And actually Shesha same towards Rithvik in the Shivanaaya’s form and she try to go close towards Rithvik.

Rithvik became sceptical about her and he put Bhasm on her to find that she is Shasha and Shesha disappear then and now Shivanaaya started her Puja. Angad also manages to record the planning of Shesha and Yamini and their conversations.

Neha, Amrita and Angad decided to show it to Rithvik and Shivanaaya as Amrita and Angad feel that Rithvik and Shivanaaya are having danger. In the mean time, to keep Yamini busy Rithvik behaves with her too good and also asked her to give him food when she was giving food to her children and Yamini became now fishy of Rithvik.

Precap: Yamini attacks on Rithik. Shivanya pledge to Kaali Maa to come and save her husband and Kaali Maa now come on Shivanya and she shouts. Yamini is shocked and got scared.