Today Naagin 06th December 2015 Episode Written Updates

Today Naagin 06th December 2015 Episode Written Updates : One of the horror soap opera “Nagin” is going with huge twists and turns these days which will definitely giving you shivering experiences. Just make sure you should not miss any damn episode of the show and if you by chance miss don’t worry, have glimpses of the TV series here. The last night episode of “Nagin” started with showcasing Ritik’s marriage reception party is going on. Ritik’s friends greet him and ask him to call Tanvi bhabhi. But Ritwik says that he does not marry Tanvi and Ritwik introduced Shaivannaya as his wedded legal wife.

Today Naagin 06th December 2015 Episode Written Updates

Nagin 6th December 2015 Episode

Everybody greet the new couple and they dance in romantic music as the party was Bollywood dress up theme party. Suddenly when Amrita started performing in the song “Main Teri Dushman” Shivanaaya started feeling something and she leave the party. Shivanaay takes god Ashirwaad (Blessings) and move on.

Now the thing get worst for Shivanaaya when the family priest appear in the Raheja house and he feels something and when the priest was about to reveals real identity of Shivanaaya suddenly he unable because of the storm. Even Gurumaa did not succeed in solving Shivanaaya’s secret and she also failed.

Gradually, in next scene its shows that Suri who is family friend of Ankush appeared in the Raheja house and he blesses Shivanaaya. But still Shivanaaya is not ware from the fact that in the hands of Suri’s fingers there are 6 fingers.

Anyway in tonight episode of the TV series “Nagin” it will be shown that Tanvi will be catching Shivanaaya in talking with someone with someone. Also Shivanaaya will be getting to know that it is Suri in whom hands there is 6 fingers. So now Shivanaaya decides to take her revenge anyway.