Today Sasuraal Simar Ka Written Updates 27th Nov 2015 Episode

Today Sasuraal Simar Ka Written Updates 27th Nov 2015 Episode : In the TV series “Sasural Simar Ka” it has depicts that the meditation of the Aghori Baba has been disturb by the entire Bharadwaj family which makes him so angry. Although, the Aghori Baba had been open door of his cave, for the entry of bhardwaj family who is in danger right now. After the entry of Simar and Bharadwaj family, Simar cried for help to the Aghori Baba. Aghori Baba is in no mood to help them. In fact, the Baba scolded them for disturbing him while his meditation. Baba said he is not ready to help them.

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Sasuraal Simar Ka 27th Nov 2015 Episode

Mataji, Simar and entire Bharadwaj family cried in front of them for help. They sated further that sister of Simar, Rolie has been kidnap by the ghost. Simar also said to the Baba that Rolie is a big devotee to the Mata Rani and we need to save her life.

Aghori Baba impressed with the words of Simar and decides help her. Baba said you need to make a sculpture for Puja and sculpture should be prepared in this night. In today’s night within you have to prepare the sculpture as tomorrow morning from 6:00 AM I’ll be start doing Puja.

A Bahradwaj family says ok and arrives in search of sculpture. Nobody is taking risk of making sculpture earliest. They all need 24 hours to prepare the sculpture. Suddenly, Simar request the mysterious woman Devika to prepare the sculpture within this night and she accepts it. Devika says she will be tried to make sculpture within tonight.

But a ghost is actually already following Bhardwaj family and Simar to disturbs them in their mission.