Top parameters that online casinos are evaluated on these days

The Internet offers a veritable repository of information and connects us to the world. The problem begins with the fact that we have access to astronomical amounts of irrelevant data. This stands true in the case of online casinos and the various types of online gambling available. A humongous number of sites offer games ranging from baccarat to slots using cheap labor, involving simple software without devoting time and energy into creating state-of-the-art games for the purpose of entertainment and fun.

It is pertinent to choose an online casino with care. Take Dunder casino review, as an example, to consider top parameters an online casino must be gauged against. Go over these few criteria to save your hard-earned money from scamsters and unscrupulous sites.

Third-party audits

In real casinos, you come across professional dealers, high-end security, wall-mounted or hidden cameras and a certain level of etiquette and class.  There is a strict protocol to treat the users and players along with an implicit and unstated expectation of fairness in both parties dealing. To counter the new virtual world and conquer the online markets, most top-rated casinos get third-party audits done to monitor their software and website to prevent fraudulent activities of any kind.  Most casinos make a mention of this in their support and help section to ensure that their random number generator software and programs actually generate random numbers as declared by them.


Ratings are like third-party audits as they are peer-oriented. The ratings are based on the impression a casino makes in the market, users and individuals by and large. Ratings are collected in a number of ways starting from the daily traffic site experiences. High traffic site gets the kind of traffic because of their reliability, popularity, and trustworthiness. Many times, ratings are based on the number of actual written reviews by players, critics and industry experts apart from the ranking it gets from a simple Google search.


A site which has been up and running for several years and doing well for itself gains an upper hand over all the new sites. One needs to consider the fact that it has lived up to the expectations of many players over the years. Not just that, an older site is usually able to devote more money into upgrading its software and offering a variety of new features to its products. While seniority cannot be considered a true indicator of the trustworthiness of a Casino, it can, however, be used to draw inferences about the level playing game it offers to its users.


A good online Casino must offer a vast range of games. These games must be entertaining and fun alike making use of a multitude of themes ranging from the latest Hollywood heartthrobs to intergalactic themes to relatively easy sports and animal characters. What matters the most is the amount of money these organizations spend on the creation of good graphics to optimize the user experience.



It is your money and you need to make the right decisions in terms of the choice of an online casino for yourself. You must do your research beforehand, instead of regretting decisions made in haste, later.