#24IndiaS2 Twenty Four 24 Season 2 3rd September 2016 Written Episode Updates

#24IndiaS2 Twenty Four 24 Season 2 3rd September 2016 Written Episode Updates :- Last week episode of the thrilling show 24 seasons 2 showcased how Jai makes the best use of Haroon mobile to calls up ATU to speak about the scenario of the deal venue. The deal did not proceed as planned. Also, Haroon is annoyed with Roshan and he speaks about the commitments of all.


The annoyed Haroon leaves now from the spot, following this the terrorist dealers Mehr and Suraj depart only to meet with each other to take the decision regarding money issue.

Antara comes to meet Prithvi and has decided to break apart from Amar Mane Shinde. She leaves with a promise to return next day. On the other hand PM, Aditya meets Mane at his residence. The latter tells PM about his wife’s extramarital affair with Prithvi, this fact just shook the PM.
Mane has called a press conference and threatens to withdraw his party support from the government if Prithvi is not dismissed from the PMO and he also said that he want this to happen within one hour.

Meanwhile, Khosla clicks Prithvi with his lady love and give it to Naina Singhania. She later calls up Prithvi and promises to unite the love birds. Naina has her vested interest in helping Prithvi. She wants to have a strong hold in PMO as well as in the politics.

Obviously, Aditya does not want to fire Prithvi. Here enters Naina Singhania who assures them that she will deal with Amar Mane Shinde in her own way and Aditya should leave it to her.

On the other hand, Serchan brothers enter a conflict of power and supremacy. While Haroon is fishy about the virus dealers calling back, Roshan seems confident about having agreed deal with the terrorist.

However, Jai calls up ATU and reveal they should wait for his next call-to-action which he will only make once the deal is finalised.

The episode ends with showing that Suraj the mediator calls up and confirms the deal for Rs 2,000 crore with Roshan and Haroon. But there is another massive twist in which Suraj asked Roshan to kill Jai as he is a big threat with Rs 2,000 crores.

Wait to watch if the deal is successful and whether Jai Singh Rathore will be dying or being a patriotic ATU officer Jai will be again proved himself better than the best by finishing all the deadly virus to save our nation.