Udaya TV Kick Dance Show 16th july 2016 Episode 1st Performances Video Grand Premier

Udaya TV Kick Dance Show 16th july 2016 Episode 1st Performances Video Grand Premier :- The dancing reality show in the Kannada language called Kick Dance Show is all set to have a grand launch tonight and the show is now talk of the town because of its unique theme. In the dancing show called Kick Dance Show which is yet to air from tonight on the popular entertainment channel, Udaya TV is touted as most amazing and entertaining dance show ever.


Kick Dance Show 16th july 2016 Episode 1st

The show is all set to welcome the legendary actor of the Sandalwood who is also consider as the hat-trick hero Dr. Shivraj Kumar who is actually making his television debut with the show. And as per reports, perhaps Shivraj Kumar who is consider as the biggest and the legendary actor of the Kannada cinema can share screen space with his real life wife as perhaps she is also coming with her husband for the tonight episode to dazzle the screen.

Shivraj Kumar’s wife is Geetha Shivarajkumar who arrives on the dancing show Kick Dance Show and will embrace her husband the super star Shivaana and indeed her onscreen Jodi with her off-screen husband is considered as evergreen Jodi by the movie buffs.

Shivrajkumar’s family is excited for him as with the show he is making his debut on TV aka small screen as till now he rules the hearts of the big screen audiences with his amazing acting skills.

And this time seems like history repeats itself as the show and the legendary actor Shivrajkumar is having huge buzz and he is being the talked of the town in both micro blogging site and the internet.

Shivraj Kumar is one of the panel judge members and with him on the board, there is the actor Vijay Raghavendra with actress turn Dimple Queen Rachita Ram. As per name, the show is all about having a kick and in the dancing show the dancers have to deliver kicking dancing performances.