Top Upcoming Nintendo Switch games for 2020, Release Dates, Trailer & Reviews

Top Upcoming Nintendo Switch games for 2020, Release Dates, Trailer & Reviews: It’s official, the list of upcoming Switch games just keeps getting better and better. Thanks to a horde of E3 2019 games announcements that arrived during the Nintendo E3 2019 Direct, this list has turned into a dreamy wonderland filled with indie and AAA delights to pencil into your release date calendar. Super Mario Maker 2

Upcoming Nintendo Switch games 2020

The Nintendo Switch is continuing to do well in the market since it was released. This console hybrid allows players to take their gaming on the go or enjoyed docked and played at home. We’re going to see plenty of new and exciting exclusives in 2020 and if you’re looking to keep track of some of the more anticipated titles for the Nintendo Switch in 2020 then check out our list below.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – It was first stated to be a 2019 video game release but it was later pushed back to 2020. The video game franchise is much beloved and with this installment, players will be cleaning up a deserted island and building up a community. While the game looks like it will still retain the social aspect with NPCs, it does appear that the upcoming title is taking on some inspirations from the Harvest Moon franchise. That is purely speculative from what we’ve seen and we’re sure that there is plenty more to be unveiled about the game prior to its release. One new aspect that was shown off during E3 2019 was that Nintendo implemented a crafting system where gamers can use their resources to build specific items that would be useful.

Gods & Monsters During E3 2019 Ubisoft took to the stage during their press briefing. It was during this briefing that we got the first reveal of a brand new IP, Gods & Monsters. In terms of the story, Gods & Monsters will follow a hero who must save the gods. After the gods were fallen to Typhon, the hero was granted special powers in hopes that the player can maneuver through the world and defeat the monsters that flood the environments. For now, all we have is the trailer to the game so we’re having to wait until some gameplay footage is released into the public in order to see just how the mechanics will handle.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild SequelThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild initially released in 2017 and it received critical acclaim for being not only an excellent Zelda title to the series but an outstanding open world title. During E3 2019, Nintendo unveiled to the world that a sequel to the title was in development.

There is not too much information yet as all the game has is a trailer just over a minute long. It’s within this trailer that we see both Link and Zelda go into an underground chamber where a new enemy seems to have awoken. This game is instantly on the top of most Nintendo Switch owner’s anticipated releases for 2020 but it’s not confirmed that the game will release within the 2020 year. Nintendo has yet to state just when the game will be releasing but for now, we can at least rest easy knowing that the company is hard at work with a sequel.

Metroid Prime 4The Metroid Prime series was fantastic when it launched on the GameCube and later the Nintendo Wii. This was a first-person Metroid video game where players gunned down alien creatures while maneuvering through planets, though it’s been several years since we’ve seen a new installment to the Prime series.

While this game has been teased from Nintendo, it was later to be scrapped and completely restarted from scratch. During the beginning of 2019, Nintendo stated that the game was pushed back likely to not being appealed by the game or mechanics used for the title so we’re going to have to wait a bit longer but Metroid Prime 4 may find a release during 2020.

No More Heroes 3Set two years after the events of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes comes to No More Heroes III. The video game will retain the hack-and-slash the series is known for while featuring our protagonist Travis Touchdown. It seems that a new threat has emerged leaving Travis to stop an alien invasion and save humanity.

This will also mark ten years since the release of No More Heroes II so we’re expecting plenty of gamers interested in picking up the title, though, with such a large gap, we’re wondering if the development team has kept in-mind for newcomers.