US H-1B visa in first season after new rules reaches 65,000 limit for 2020  

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) said it has stretch to Congressionally-mandated 65,000 H-1B visa cap for the financial year 2020, when it undergone getting the applications for the most desirable work visa amongst foreign, as well as Indian, specialists.

US H-1B visa reaches 65,000 limits for 2020 in the first season after new rules

The H-1B visa is basically a non-immigrant visa that lets the US corporations and businesses to provide occupation to foreign workers in specialism professions that have need of theoretic or technical knowledge and capability. The technology establishments depend on it to employ tens of thousands of staffs every year from nations like India and China.

The USCIS, the federal organization instructed with assignment of approving such applications, on Friday said “it has received a sufficient number of petitions projected as needed to reach the congressionally-mandated 65,000 H-1B visa regular cap for fiscal year 2020.”

The financial year will inaugurate from 1st October 2019 and it the USCIS started getting the visa requests and appeals from April 1. On the other hand, the agency did not expose the number of applications received by it in the first five days.

Next the USCIS will decide if it has got an adequate number of applications to meet the 20,000 H-1B visa US progressive degree exception, known as the master’s cap.

The organization said it is going to reject and give back visa fees for entirely unselected cap-subject applications that are not barred numerous filings. It will remain to accept and practice petitions that are then excused from the cap.

Applications filed for present H-1B employees who have been calculated before in contradiction of the cap, and who still maintain their cap number, are released from the FY 2020 H-1B, the USCIS said. It did not say if it would resort to computerised draw of lots as was the case in the last quite a few years.

In the last year USCIS got 190,000 cap-subjected H-1B petitions. While in the year 2018, it received total number of 199,000 applications and on the other hand in the year 2017, total of 236,000 petitions in the first five days after it started getting the applications.

The USCIS received total number of 232,972 H-1B cap-subject petitions in the year 2016 and in 2015, it got 172,581 cap-subjected petitions.

After the USCIS declared imposing new rules for the maximum desirable US work visa applications for foreign authorities this is the first season of H-1B petitions. The new rules give first choice to those who have finished their post-graduation degree course from any of the US educational institutes.

This year the USCIS has hang up the electronic registering requirement for the financial year 2020 cap season to complete user testing and make sure the system and procedure are completely functional.

Under the news scheme, the USCIS first chooses H-1B petitions submitted on behalf of entirely recipients, together with those that may be qualified for the advanced degree exception.

USCIS Director L Francis Cissna said in a statement, “These simple and smart changes are a positive benefit for employers, the foreign workers they seek to employ, and the agency’s adjudicators, helping the H-1B visa program work better”.

Cissna further said, “The US employers seeking to employ foreign workers with a US master’s or higher degree will have a greater chance of selection in the H-1B lottery in years of excess demand for new H-1B visas”.

US President Donald Trump, in the year 2017, had issued the ‘Buy American and Hire American Executive Order’, directing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to “propose new rules and issue new guidance, to supersede or revise previous rules and guidance if appropriate, to protect the interests of US workers in the administration of our immigration system.”

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