Using Online Tools to Improve Your Paper Quality

Back in the day, students would often have to submit their paper assignments before they can learn of the mistakes that cost them crucial marks. It was even harder in terms of researching as the source of their information was only the books in the library shelves. Going through them one by one until you find the right book or information needed for your paper was no doubt a daunting task.

Nowadays, things are different. They have improved for the better. With the internet and the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (A.I), there are various online tools that students can use to improve on their paper writing assignments. Teachers often advise their students to use some of these tools before submitting their paper projects. Some of these online tools that can come in handy when working on your academic papers include:

Plagiarism checkers

A high-quality academic paper means it is original and would pass any plagiarism check that it is subjected to. Once you hand in the assignment, your teacher will likely assess if it is truly your work and that it hasn’t been submitted elsewhere. Lucky for you, you can use one of the many plagiarism checkers available online to see if your paper will pass this crucial integrity test.

These checkers incorporate some high-tech A.I to establish the originality of your text and even tell you where they were copied from. The tools can say to the percentage of uniqueness in your writing. Some online checkers are free, while others require you subscribe to a payment plan. The former usually has some limitations like on the number of words you can check for plagiarism. Some of the top free plagiarism checker tools include DupliChecker, Paperrater, Plagiarisma and Plagiarism-detect. As for the paid ones, they include Copyscape, Turnitin and Plagscan.

Online Samples, Tips and Examples

Writing good quality academic papers is not easy. As a student, dealing with various assignments, classes and other activities may take a considerable chunk of your time. Finding adequate time to properly work on your papers can thus be hard. Nevertheless, there are many examples and tips that one can find online to help improve on their documents. You can get good quality samples and tips that can help you become a good write my essay.

When looking for paper samples from online sources, you must do some due diligence. Not all sites are reliable. You need one with useful tips and sound samples. Once you find a genuine place for your paper samples, use the ideas to improve on your paper or make corrections where you may make mistakes. Follow the tips on how to write better essays or other academic papers to write better quality papers.

Grammar checkers

Just like plagiarism, you can also check for grammar, typos and spelling mistakes in your paper using online tools. A good example is Grammarly, which allows you to see the errors in your text once you upload it. It also works as a plagiarism checker. Its functionality may be limited if you are using their free version and you will need to subscribe to a payment plan to enjoy its full potential. Other grammar checker tools include Ginger, Hemingway Editor, ProWritingAid and WhiteSmoke.

Citation-generating tools

When writing your papers, it is expected that you cite information from outside sources. Generally, you’ll need to include information such as the author’s name, page numbers and publication date. However, there are several citation styles such as MLA, APA and Chicago style. Many students are often confused when using these different styles, and it is not surprising to find one citation style being used instead of the other.

Citation generators allow you to automatically turn your sources into citations. To use these tools, you will first need to select your preferred citation style, input your source or search for it and then proceed to copy the new reference generated by the citation tool into your bibliography. Just like the other tools, there are free versions of the devices as well as paid ones. The latter is usually an upgrade that comes with more functionality. Examples of citation generators worth checking out include Easybib, Cite This For Me, BibMe, OttoBib and Citation Machine.

With many online tools available for learners to take advantage off, there shouldn’t be any reason students should lose marks for things like plagiarism, grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, typos and such like things. Furthermore, some of these tools are free. Start making use of these options, and you will improve your paper quality.