Uttara Shoot & Swara Shocked Again ! Swaragini 10th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Swara Shocked Again ! Swaragini 10th May 2016 Episode Written Updates :- In the last night episode of the TV series Swaragini it has been shown that Rajat’s fake dad change the time and on 6 AM now Rajat wake up. The fake parents said to him that now it is time for him to get ready for his marriage. Now Rajat makes his entry in the Maheshwari house in the groom get up where everybody welcomes Rajat.


Swara is crying and she is tensed that how she should be stopping this marriage and how she will be saving Uttara and Pareenita. Now the suspense also clears that Pareenita is in the car of Rajat and Rajat also make sure to his goons that Pareenita should not come from the car. Now Uttara is ready for the marriage and she asked to Swara how she is looking.

Swaragini 10th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Swara said very beautiful, just like an angel. Uttara smiles and embraces Swara and also Uttara said, “Bhabhi Meri Shaadi Ho Ra Hi Hain” (I am getting married Bhabhi). Swara is having tears in her eyes as she is looking forward to have a way by which she can save Uttara and Pareenita.

In the mean time, Durga Prasad and Annapurna welcome Shekhar, Sumi, Dadi and Dada Ji of the Goradiya family and asked them to sit and to bless Uttara and Rajat. Dadi Maa whisper to Ragini and Sumi is not to reveal that she is pregnant unless Dadi will be embarrassed.

Sumi and Ragini said okay and Durga Prasad asked to Sumi, how is your health now. Sumi and Shekhar said they are fine.

The next scene shows Sujata call Swara to bring the Thaali of Aarti with her and in the Barandaa of the Maheshwari house, Sujata were keeping saying she is very happy for Uttara’s marriage. Damad Ji means Rajat is just looking like Rajesh Khanna.

Now Swara asked Sujata to go, she is coming just right now, and she tried to tell to Uttara about Rajat’s fact but Rajat’s goon is everywhere and they are keeping threatening Swara.

Precap: Rajat will be fight with the entire Maheshwari family and kidnap Swara. Pareenita will be coming and shocked to see that Swara put her life is in danger, in order to save Pareenita.