Viplav Plans For Honeymoon! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

In the yesterday night episode of the TV series “Ishq Ka Rang Safed” it has been shown that the Viplav and Dhaani sat together and now Dhaani shows her wounds to the Viplav. Viplaav is tensed that how Dhaani hurts. Dhaani replied she had an accident. Viplav told her to take rest properly as he is very much worry for the Dhaani. And also Viplav said to Kanak to beat if he doesn’t take care of the Dhaani.

Viplav Plans For Honeymoon! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Viplav is also very angry on the Kanak as Kanak did not care for the Dhaani and now Viplav left in the anger. Dulaari went to Raj Lakshmi and asked if she had informed Dhaani. She replied yes. Neighbours said that it is require for the Viplav and Dhaani to get married as soon as possible as they are madly in love with each other and due to they are in love madly anything can happen to them.

Also the neighbour people bless Dhaani and Viplav as well they praise Viplav as now Viplav is marrying a widow. Now when Kanak try to speak with Viplav that it is not actually that Kanak did not take care of the Dhaani and Viplav try to speak with Kanak but both Kanak and Viplav show anger to the each other.

Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand and took her in his room. Dadaji knocked the door. Viplav said that Kanak has cross her limit by torturing Dhaani with Belan, as well he asked that how dare Kanak raise her hands on Dhaani. Viplav said that I forget now that she is my mother.

Even on his fumes now Viplaav asked Kanak to leave the house. Dhani try to explain about his to Viplaav and said that it was just an accident and Maaji had no mistake. She reminded him that Dadaji is standing outside and it is our ethic to open the door.

Now Viplav said to his family that if you guys will be having no respect for my wife then forget that I will be giving respect to you and Kanak says that she is feeling guilty for being wrong with Dhaani and now Viplav said you better be.

Kanak says it is okay and Dhaani also said this is fine. Now Dhaani get to know that Shalu is in love with Raja and thinks that it is Shalu doesn’t deserve Raja. And now Viplav says to Dhaani that he wants to go in honey moon with the Dhaani. Dhaani blushes and smiles!!!