Watch Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 20th October 2016 Fight Hd Video Luxury Budget Task

Watch Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 20th October 2016 Fight Hd Video Luxury Budget Task :- The 9th Day in the controversial house Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 begins with its night day shift so the participants’ just take a selfie in their silly make u. The selfie goes viral on the social site and as per task it is the participants’ of the house need to stay awakes whole night for their task which is just going on in the night.


In the last night episode of the TV, reality shows it is Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 the episode begins with, it is the one of the members of the house Rehman updates the fans about all the happenings from day 9. As the housemates have breakfast, Shalini playfully mocks Bhuvan for his overuse of make-up. Although Rehman is not part of the show, he also gives us the glimpses of the show.

In deed, Bhuvan takes Shalini’s jokes as jokes and he reciprocates his feelings on laughing at those jokes. Thank fully Bhuvan did not show his anger unless it is the Bigg Boss so anything can happen here anyway.

Shalini also takes the class of Niranjan via this task for being unhygienic. Seems like Niranjan doesn’t like this but still he prefer to stay quiet as Shalini is having a good rapport with Rekha who is captain of the house.

Having been nominated for the second time, Pratham feels he is being unfairly targeted by some of the housemates. He thinks that despite he is trying to stay calm in the house as well he thinks that he is trying his best to adjust in the house.

Pratham feels upset for being targeting in the house but he thinks to deal with this issue anyway. For a brief period, the housemates set aside their differences during the ICU task as it a fun task in which the housemates divided into 2 groups.

One group need to play the role of the patient and other groups needs to play the role of doctor and the team. The doctor team has to take care of the patient team properly as ultimately it is the patient team who will be deciding the participants’ names who performed well-being in the doctor team.