Watch Neha Dhupia’s Drama! MTV Roadies X4 4th June 2016 Episode Hd Video

Watch Neha Dhupia’s Drama! MTV Roadies X4 4th June 2016  Episode Hd Video :- In the stunt based reality show MTV Roadies X4 the roadies’ journey is going through a tough time with each and every gang leaders and the team members to be the winner of the Renault Duster in the show. It is the Renault Duster is giving prize to the winner which makes the journey of the player both amazing and thrilling. And the Renault Duster is so playing very important role in the stunt based reality show as it is distributing the prize money to winners.

Neha Dhupia's

 MTV Roadies X4 Episode 4th June 2016

Last week the episode was named as the ‘Rescue Operation Task’ in which we had seen that contestants’ were voted out and some contestants’ eventually makes a surprise comeback to the show. The task actually took place among the gang leaders and its teams members.

In that episode of the Roadies X4 we saw that the teams of the show are in Thimpu for a Face off dance challenges where each and every team participated and they all worked hard to get more votes in order to be safe. Neha’s team is safe from the vote out round.

Now the task has been done by the Gaurav and completed the task from Karan’s Team in just 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Karan and Prince Team won the Immunity task and Neha and Ranvijay’s Team are unsafe now.

In the vote out round we had seen Yogesh from Prince’s Gang nominated himself as he thinks himself that he is a weak contender and is being eliminated from the show, and he is ready to do sacrifice for his team.

Now on the Renault Duster Rescue Operation Task with a lot of drama and gossips before the vote out round started, some evicted participants’ makes a grand entry on the show which is actually their comeback and they performed here in order to emerge as winner.

It is actually, now the task name is The Real Challenge: Wild Card entry contestants vs. Existing contestants task where Bharti had been seen giving challenged to Anamika, Rohan challenged to Satish, Tarsha challenged to Hifsa and Balraj challenged to Saad. Afterward the task, it was Saad and Hifsa has been evicted from the show, Balraj and Anamika gets the entry back to the show.

Now the immunity task called ‘Archery’ took place in which the gang leaders also gave their whole support to each other for their team in order to safeguard them from the process of the eviction.

And then Ranvijay’s team won the Immunity and hence the team is safe from the vote out. It was a tough competition beetween Neha, Karan and Prince Teams.