Watch Suicide Squad Movie Blitz Trailer – Official Warner Bros. UK Hd Video

A new trailer is hitting the screens and that is “Suicide Squad” by Warner Bros. Suicide squad revolves around on a group of super villains and based on the original DC comic with same name. According to the predictions which are running over social media tells Harley Quinn, an adversary of Batman acted by Margot Robbie , will take the show.

Suicide Squad trailer

The Movie is stars by as :
Jared Leto (Oscar winner ) as The Joker,
Will Smith as Deadshot,
Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang,
Adewale Akinnuoye as Killer Croc ,
Cara Delevingne as Enchantress ,
Viola Davis as Amanda Waller and Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag,

The trailer is hitted on twitter by a massive thumbs up because of Harley.

On Sunday the cast of ‘Suicide Squad’ brought together on MTV Movie Awards to show the exclusive clip of their upcoming movie. This new trailer gives a different feel and vibe. According to the Garrett English, (the show’s executive producer and MTV’s senior vice president of programming, production  and events live), getting together all of main four cast members for this reveal was really a big deal.

He state that this was a great moment for Suicide Squad fans. He also state that they wanted to get the movie into life in front of crowd. He shared his thoughts that explosions and fire are the chaos which is worthy for stars like Jared Leto, Will Smith and team.

Suicide Squad Movie Blitz Trailer

There were rumours that the Suicide Squad was going to reshoot to add humorous punches, but the actor Courtney confirmed that it was just a rumour and said that he wouldn’t say they are going back to make the movie funnier.

The movie “Suicide Squad” will be premiere on 5th August 2016. How audience react to the movie, only time will tell.

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