Watch Sunny leone Dance with Rannvijay! MTV Splitsvilla 9 25th June 2016 Episode Hd Video Tasks

Watch Sunny leone Dance with Rannvijay! MTV Splitsvilla 9 25th June 2016 Episode Hd Video Tasks :- In the last week episode of the MTV Splitsvilla 9 we noticed that there were three contestants and they were boys, which include Abhishek, Ishaan and Sushant and these trio were unsafe in which eventually Ishaan and Sushant eliminated from the show as they breaks the task.


Sunny leone Dance with Rannvijay MTV Splitsvilla 9

As of now Abhishek again is into the dumping zone as the entire girls’ contestant think that he is not Deserving Contestant of Splitsvilla anyway.

Now before he gets dumped, now it’s time to select the first queen of Splitsvilla 9. And now the girls who are consider as the Princesses has the power to eliminate the boys and the 6 Princesses will be also having the Power Packed Task in order to get the 1st Queen Throne.

Firstly the Queen Task will be done than the time for the elimination will comes which is just based on the game rules. Moreover it is going to be an interesting task as this time the buzz are saying that the girls will be create history by performing super strong stunts like never before in the history of Splitsvilla.

As per report now the princesses will be battle it out to be the first queen of MTV Splitsvilla 9 anyway. It is now in the stunt based reality show now the female contestant yet to prove that how strong they are and they all have to participant in the tough competition.

The game of love gets fierce as princesses have to sweat it out to become the first queen of MTV Splitsvilla 9 and then they will be having power to choose the contestant for the eviction.

Princesses look every bit of a hot mess as they gear up for the ‘Queen Bee’ task. Connections come into play that now the princesses need to choose their respective knights to perform the task. A particular golden pen changes the course of the game as the golden pen is having power to select the knight and princess are having the same.

Now the boys who will be turn out to be knights put in their sweat and blood to win the first task and prove their worth to their princesses.