Watch Trailer Video: Big B is back with another powerful movie Pink

Watch Trailer Video: Big B is back with another powerful movie Pink : The logo of the movie Pink was revealed yesterday that instantly becomes the talk of the town, Piku actor entertained the fans a lot with his humor and now he is back with the same power and the actor is collaborated again with the makers of Piku for another hit ‘Pink’ that is going to be out in the theaters on September 16.


Just released logo has raised the expectations as well as anticipations and now a few hours back released the trailer of the movie left us, even more, excite than that.

The movie Pink that starrs Senior Bachchan as a Lawyer along with Taapsee Pannu, Kriti Kulhari, Andrea Taring, Jaya Bachchan and Angad Bedi as pivotal roles. At the trailer launch of the Pink the lead actor Amitabh expresses his desire to have a rape free India and he said to a daily news portal that,

“It is extremely offensive and as a country, we at times hang our heads in shame reading these several incidents that have happened which should not have happened. All of us as Indians and individuals need to educate ourselves to give importance the women in our lives and to understand their contribution and presence in a society is equally important as men. We need to have strong laws. There are many ways in which you and me would want to educate.

He further added

“Lots of people say to put the attackers out in the society and we will deal with them in our way. But that doesn’t go according to the law of the land. There is a law and you have to follow it. Sometimes you feel disillusioned by the outcome, sometimes you feel that the due procedure has been followed and this will continue but what is the base of all this. The base is somewhere we are losing respect for the female gender. And that can be remedied through education, and through films like Pink to give them the respect and honour and their right place in the society. That’s what we are all working towards. It will take time but it will happen.”

Watch out the trailer of the movie Pink here:-

The movie is all set to release on September 16 this year.