Watch Video: Ranveer Ching is back and took the internet by storm

The makers of the five-minute advertisement that mark the return of Ranveer Ching hasn’t left any stone unturned as to leave us to tempt with the tantalising trailer. And after waiting for a long while we finally got to see the Ching star Ranveer Singh as Ranveer Ching in a spoof movie. The whole idea behind the ad is to promote the Ching’s food products. So its way better to call it an ad instead of a movie.


The five-minute movie ad finally released today that ends our day’s long wait and after watching the ad I feel like I have wasted my five minutes with this ad. What kind of time pass ad was that? Was that really made to entertain us, promote the products or they were actually serious about the material?’

Whatever excitement I had as after watching the trailer and teasers all went within a minute of whatever this was deemed to be started. For the reasons being like, the ad is set in an apocalyptic world in which everything gets ruined and the food is scarce. The Insane villains have taken the dominion of food.

In that hard time, Ranveer Ching made his entry having a giant headgear. He fights with the insane villains like a typical Rohit Shetty’s film’s heroes, romances with Tamannaah Bhatia who is the only thing that made a little worth to watch the video and serves food to everyone.

Then they dance on a silly number for some odd reasons, the villains enter at the last moment and the superhero Ranveer beats them all. At the moment the king of the regime outdares Ranveer, he suddenly turns into somewhat with his Chu act but it failed to make us laugh.

At the end, Ranveer turns into Ma Ching and a tagline appears To be continued. I guess nobody wants it to be continued.

Watch the ad here and comment your reviews in the comment section below:-

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