Who Are Ishowspeed Parents? Streamer’s Family Got Worried After Prank Call To Police In Livestream

Who Are Ishowspeed Parents? Streamer’s Family Got Worried After Prank Call To Police In Livestream:- Is the famous Youtuber Ishowspeed arrested? There are lots of speculations being made about Youtuber since they came across the news of his arrest. As many people are perplexed regarding Youtuber Ishowspeed’s whereabouts we prepared this article to address the news of his arrest. Ishowspeed is a famous Youtuber whose real name is Darren Watkins Jr. and he is famous for his exaggerated reaction videos and striking attitude. Currently, his Youtube channel is standing at the 10.35 million subscribers milestone. But suddenly his followers and fans got to know about his arrest. Is this news true or is the Youtuber really in detention at this time? If you are also curious to learn the answers to these questions then keep reading this article and must take a look below. Scroll down the page.

Who Are Ishowspeed Parents? Streamer's Family Got Worried After Prank Call To Police In Livestream

Why Was Ishowspeed Arrested?

There is no doubt that Darren Watkins Jr. aka Ishowspeed always remains a subject of controversy and drama on social media. Thus he gained an immense amount of attention from the audience and gained followers on social media. A few days ago he was involved in a controversy at an amusement park where he was ousted from the park owing to his shenanigans. In addition, Darren Watkins Jr. is also banned from Riot games for misogynistic comments during the Valorant match. Scroll down the page and learn more about him.

As he always remains a subject for drama it is not shocking and stunning for us to come across his arrest news. As per the reports, he was detained by Cincinnati Police on 8th August 2022 for swatting. Do you know what is swatting? Swatting is the criminal activity of tricking an emergency service into sending to another person’s address. The news of Darren Watkins Jr.’s arrest is true and he was actually arrested for swatting. No further report came regarding the same but it seems that the Youtuber might have been released by the police on a specific bond. Let’s take a look below to learn about Darren Watkins Jr.’s family.

As of now, Youtuber Ishowspeed has not revealed or opened up about his parents but they have appeared in some of his streams while yelling at him for his loud noises in the home. In addition, Darren Watkins Jr. is not the only single child of his parents as his brother has also been seen with him on social media. But he rarely shared any details about them on the internet.

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