Who Is Harrison Petty Partner? Know About Family As Dayne Zorko Slur Has A Social Media Backlash

Who Is Harrison Petty Partner? Know About Family As Dayne Zorko Slur Has A Social Media Backlash:- Netizens are backlashing Brisbane captain named Dayne Zorko for allegedly insulting one of the members of Harrison Petty’s family. According to the source, the Brisbane captain insulted racially one of the family members of the Australian footballer Harrison Petty. Since then netizens are backlashing Dayne Zorko. In addition, social media users also have started scrounging web pages to learn about Harrison Petty’s personal life. Who is Harrison Petty’s partner or wife? This query is also trending on Twitter since this matter took place. Harrison Petty is an Australian professional footballer and he plays for Melbourne Football Club in AFL (Australian Football League). You are advised to take a peek below to find out who is Harrison Petty’s wife or partner and we have also discussed some other imperative aspects of the footballer. Kindly swipe down the page and learn about him.

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Who Is Harrison Petty Partner?

Harrison Petty is currently 22 years of age as he was born on 12th November 1999 in Australia. It is certain that he is quite young to hold emotions and handle pressure thus he broke out into tears when Dayne Zorko racially insulted his family member. Now fans are curiously searching for Harrison Petty’s girlfriend on the internet. It has not been a long period since Harrison Petty surged to fame thus the information about his girlfriend is not available on the internet. In addition, Harrison Petty is not married.

It is believed that he is absolutely single at this time and 0bviously not married at this time. Talking about his game, he is a fierce player who is striving to make himself a prominent player in football. It seems that he does not a time to spare with his beloved ones. He always remains busy with his game and training. He has not shared any detail about his partner.  But now he has become a topic of the town and it is believed that the footballer will soon get his partner.

Since Harrison Petty got involved in a brawl with Zorko he is hitting the news headlines on a large number. He is a player for Melbourne Football club while Zorko is the captain of Brisbane and during the match between Brisbane and Melbourne, Zorko did a shameful act for which he is also feeling the heat of criticism. Nevertheless, Zorko’s feud with his wife Kalinda Salla also has come to the light.

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