Will Shesha know the truth “Nishaan on Ritik’s back”? Naagin 7th January 2016 Written Updates

Will Shesha know the truth “Nishaan on Ritik’s back”? Naagin 7th January 2016 Written Updates :- In the last night episode of the TV serial “Nagin” it has been shown that Shivanaaya feels uneasy to hear the flute tune of the Sapera at the Raheja house. Shivanya follows Ankush to his room. Yamini and Rithik are worried for Ankush. Meanwhile, Yamini gets to know that Ankush purposefully call Nagin here to kill her. Rathvik also says that Nagin is in Ankush’s room.


Naagin 7th January 2016 Written Updates

Eventually Rithvik attacked the Nagin with knife. Nagin gets injures and leaves room. Yamini denied Rithvik from following the Nagin as it can risk Rithvik’s life. Now Shivanaaya rush to jungle and asked Shesha for help. Shesha took Shivanaaya to Bhairavnath in the Shiv Temple, but Bhairavnaath says only Guru Maa can cure her.

Shivanaaya asked Shesha to take her place for this time. Shesha says oaky. Guru Maa thinks the Nagin is dead now. Rithvik comes and hug Shesha who is now in Shivanaaya’s form. Rithvik gets romantically involved with her, Shesha feels awkward.

Bhairavnath trying his best to cure Shivanaaya and he called the whole Nagvansh to cure Shivanaaya.

Meanwhile, Anjali reads a book and she discusses about it with Shivanaaya/ Shesha that how cruel humans are who killed the Nag family to snatch Nagmani from the Nag. Suddenly, Ankush arrived and he snatches the book from Anjali and stopped her from reading it further.

Now Shivanaaya/ Shesha is in mission to have the book from Rithvik to read it further and she trying to follow Ankush but Rithvik stops her from going further. Shesha/ Shivanaaya is now in mission to take the book from Ankush. Somehow she managed to take book from Ankush and she starts reading it but suddenly she realised that today is Punam Ki Raat she will be turns in to Nagin.

Shesha/ Shivanaaya became worry. In tonight episode it will be shown that Guru Maa will be saying to Ankush and Yamini that Nagin is still not died. Rithik calls Shivanya loudly. Shivanya is worry that probably she will be dying. Hawk arrived and attacked on Shivanaaya.

Ankush will be also shooting Bhairavnath and Sesha with gun. Shivanya falls down. Catch “Nagin” tonight to know what happen further.