Wuhan summit Day 2 Live updates: Modi and Xi trying new ways of communicating, want peace on border, says MEA

Wuhan summit Day 2 Live updates: Modi and Xi trying new ways of communicating, want peace on border, says MEA: The respected Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi completed his 1-hour long boat ride with his host Chinese President Xi Jinping on the last Saturday. This was the last day of an ice-breaking trip both are expected to lead better ties.

Wuhan summit Day 2 Live updates: Modi and Xi trying new ways of communicating, want peace on border, says MEA

Modi spends about 24 hours in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, after some months of the Doklam standoff soured ties.

Billed by both sides as a very casual meeting to a certain extent than a summit, with none of the pomp and ceremony of a state visit, like, the 21-gun salutes, the two men held talks on the last Friday.

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10:30 am: China and India to have a joint economic project in Afghanistan, as per the media reports.

10:10 am: Briefing ends.

10:09 am: “The two leaders underscored that it is important to maintain peace along India-China border region and decided that they will issue strategic guidance to their respective militaries to strengthen communications and to build trust and understanding,” ANI quotes Gokhlae said.

10:08 am: Modi and Xi have agreed to these great and massive efforts which required making to maintain peace and tranquility at the border, stated by Gokhale in response to a question.

10:07 am: This is considering as a new way of communication which the leaders are trying. President Xi Jinping hasn’t hosted any foreign leader outside capital Beijing, told by Gokhale.

10 am: In their meetings, the 2 leaders agreed to maintain peace alongside the border, where they also maintain balance trade ties, which were stated by the Indian foreign secretary.

9:29 am: The 2 leaders told the informal meeting was open and helped in boosting strategic ties, told by Gokhale

9:58 am: Both leaders acknowledge the threat of terrorism and agreed on “resolute opposition to terrorism”, told by Gokhale.

9:57 am: Global issues discussed in this meetings which are consists of the climate change, food security, and sustainable development.

9:56 am: Regarding the economic stability, both nations, China and India acknowledged each other’s role in order to help the global economy grow, says Gokhale.

9:55 am: Gokhale stated that the leaders agreed there should be the more strategic boost for this communications.

9:54 am: Gokhale says the leaders also speak about the sharing cultural ties, PM Modi told that more movies could be shared. Leaders also discussed sharing the expertise in sports.

9:50 am: India’s foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale stated about the basic objective of the summit which is yet to discuss overlapping issues between the 2 nations. The 2 leaders also agreed that they will be proceeding with peaceful bilateral relations.

9:49 am: Briefing started with the India ambassador to China also present.

9:43 am: A briefing by the Indian foreign secretary is all set come soon.

9:19 am: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping also discuss inside a houseboat on Wuhan’s East Lake about many issues. The leaders are in private talks; with just two interpreters help them to clear their communication.

9:10 am: The leaders participate in a tea ceremony.

8:50 am: Modi and Xi board a boat; where the leaders take a ride on the East Lake, the 2nd big and largest urban lake in China.

8:15 am: Day 2 of the ‘informal’ summit started with a walk around the renowned and prominent East Lake in Wuhan.

Modi and Xi spent their first day of the ‘informal’ summit touring the Hubei Provincial Museum, holding the delegation-level discussion and eventually their meeting took place at a dinner hosted by the Chinese president at Mao’s villa.

The meetings over after 2 days as per its anticipation which was set the stage for a more positive relationship between India and China post-2017 military standoff in Doklam soured ties, in the middle of other issues.

Prime Minister Modi said cooperation between two countries is essential to maintain peace and stability around the world and offered to host the next informal summit between leaders of the two Asian giants.

President Xi too said he believed they can have more summits in the same format.

“We should look at the big picture of China-India relationship from the strategic angle and ensure our relationship continues forward in a positive direction. The friendship between the two countries should continue to grow like Yangtze and Ganges flowing forward forever,” Xi was quoted as saying by state-run CCTV.