Abhishek traced shagun location! Yeh Hai Mohabatein 1st August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Abhishek traced shagun location! Yeh Hai Mohabatein 1st August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Romi giving the interview and a man congratulates him for the achievements. Mihika was also with him. and Ishita along with Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla was watching them.


 Yeh Hai Mohabatein Episode Written Updates

Ishita was thinking how Raman used to scold Romi and used to told him that he will never achieve any success in his life, but now he has been a successful man and if, Raman would have seen him giving the interview so confidently, then he must have been proud of him.

Meanwhile, a man asks Romi about the sales figure of his company. But, Romi did not understand it and told replied “what”. Then, Mihika interrupted and asked him to check the sales figure in the reports.

The interview takes told Romi that you are very lucky to have an intelligent wife, Romi says yes and get upset. On the other side, Adi meets mani to check whether Mani is perfect for his mom Shagun or not.

He asked Mani to tell him about his disease and asked him to handle over all the financial statements of him. He also asked Mani that Shagun does not to cook well but Mani told him that he want to be his best friend and asked him to be his friend and Adi agrees to it.

On the other side, after the interview, Mihika asked Romi that she is really proud of him and this article will be good for his company. But Romi replied her that what does she think of herself? She only wants to show that she is smarter than him.

Mihika cries and says I just wanted to help you and later leaves the place. Simmi sees her crying and asked her what happened. Mihika narrates everything to Simmi and Ishita listens to all this and decided to talk to Romi.

In between all this, Adi was seen talking with the Aliya. But, Aliya told him that she want to be alone for some time as she is really upset. Meanwhile, Ishita talked to Romi and tried to explain why Mihika helped him, but he did not listen to her and told her to stop giving the lecture to him and he did a big mistake to come back in the Bhalla house and then, he left from there.

On the other side, Adi was still remembering about the Aaliya and realized that his feeling for Aaliya is changing and he was confused why he was getting worried for her.

In the next scene, Romi was seen drinking at a bar and he was thinking about his earlier life when he was alone and used to enjoy his life with numbers of girls and think that his brother Raman was right about him as Raman told everyone that Romi will do nothing in his life.

Romi gets angry and throws the glass and one of the pieces of that glass scratched a girls arm and all the other guys in the club. Then, he apologized to her and leaves the bar with her and booked a room in the hotel.

Ashok saw him and smiles and thought with who is this girl with Romi. Meanwhile, Ishita checks Pihu’s fever and asked Mrs. Bhalla about the allergic of the Pihu, but Mrs. Bhalla told her to contact Sahgun.

Then, Abhishek called her to inform her that he saw Shagun in Taxi. Ishita gets shocked.


In the upcoming episode, fans will see that Ishita will tell Abhishek that this place belongs to Anil and he has a flat there, but Abhishek will inform him that he is traced Shagun’s location here.