Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th Nov 2015 Episode Written Updates

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th Nov 2015 Episode Written Updates : The TV serial “Yeh Hain Mohabbatein” tonight all set showcasing family tensions tonight. In which Santoshi will be scolding Sarika for being doing job against Romi’s wish. Before talking about tonight episode lets have some glimpses of the last night episode. In yesterday night it is shown that Simmi discussed about Param’s health issue with Ishita. She revealed that Param actually, suffering from liver Cirrhosis. She learnt about it during the time when the stone fell on Raman.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th Nov 2015 Episode Written Updates

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th Nov 2015 Episode

When Simmi being asked that why she met with Ashok, she said she went to him to want money, which Ashok denied to give her. So, she takes money from her joint account with Raman to save Param’s life.

Suddenly, Simmi realized that if Ishita is possessed by Shagun’s soul, how right now she is behaving normal. Ishita who already breakdowns after listening Simm’s problem, she reveal everything in front of Simmi.

Simmi astound to know all these and decides to help Ishita to save Raman’s life. Ishita also make sure that she will be holding responsibility of Raman’s operation and make sure that Simmi doesn’t take tension of money. She will be arranging it. She nothing won’t allow something injustice to Param.

On the other hand, it shows Romi is too happy for Sarika as she left her job. Even he fought with Santoshi for the sake of Sarika. And he goes out. Santoshi hurt with it and discuss bout it with Raman.

Raman makes sure that everything is fine. Santoshi doesn’t need to tense. But Romi is astound to find that Sarika actually, still doing her job without his knowledge and she even hide her marital status in her job.

In tonight episode it will be shown that Sarika will being asked question by Santoshi regarding her job. Sarika will be explaining she is doing this job to secure the future of herself, Romi and her kids. Santoshi will be disagreeing with her.

Sarika will be literally getting support from Raman and Ishita, regarding doing her job.