#YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2016 Written Updates! Raman gives Explanation

#YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2016 Written Updates! Raman gives Explanation : The TV series Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is showcased in the last night episode that the Bhalla family and the Iyer family is on the stage with Adi and Aaliya where the ring ceremony is about to start. Shobhana asks about Ishita and Raman as they have to perform the ring ceremony and the parents need to be present there.


Mani and Madhavi tell her that they are coming. Raman enters with Pihu and Shagun is annoyed to see Pihu with Raman and Ruhi runs towards them to welcomes Pihu but Pihu run to Shagun.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2016 Written Updates

Shagun feels jealous and disappointed. The ceremony starts now as Ishita come and then Adi and Aaliya exchange rings and everyone hoots. All are happy and celebrating. Adi tells Aaliya to take his mother’s blessings as they are about to start their new life.

Now both Aliya and Adi are coming to seek blessings, Shagun thinks that they will be seeking blessings from her but she eventually irked to see that they take blessings from Ishita instead of Shagun. Mihika tries to speak something with Romi but she did not have the opportunity because of the functions. The person threatens her that he will tell the truth to her husband that she slept with Mihir which makes Mihika scared and tensed.

Mihika asked Mihir about this and Mihika suggests him to speak about it to Romi. Romi comes there and takes Mihika for a dance. While dancing, Mihika tries to tell everything to Romi but all goes in vain as there was loud music and Romi did not hear anything.

Advocate Kunal now comes to the party and Mihika gets to know that he is a childhood friend of Romi. Kunal wishes Mihika and he did not even recognise Mihika. Raman overhears Kunal when he is talking to Romi about child custody cases he is handling. Raman gets an idea and he discuss with Ishita that they should again file the case to have custody of Pihu and Raman asked to Ishita that this time he will be discussing about it to advocate Kunal.

Precap: Raman gives an explanation. Ishita says no need to explain or be sorry; I just wanted to say because Pihu asked me to swear on her so I reveal the truth to her which she deserves to know.