Naira dances & Akshara sings! Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th August 2016 Written Updates

Naira dances & Akshara sings! Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th August 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Naira and Gayu hugging each other and wishing each for their respective work. Gayu asked Naira to stood top, but Naira says she just need to pass, so it does not matter whether she will come first or not.


Naira also asks Gayu to take Akshara with her. But, later Akshara told Gayu that Naira will need me and she have full on trust on Gayu that she will achieve best. Gayu’s became sad after hearing this.

Meanwhile, Naksh and Maira meets Guru Maa. Guru Maa blessed Naira. Akshara thanked Guru Maa for teaching her well and then, she thinks about Gayu. On the other side, Kartik took Rajshri and Vishambher to Gayu’s exhibition and think that after this he will go to Naira’s dance performance and even, Naksh will not say him anything as he is with the family.

Then, Gayu collided with Kartik and apologises to him. Kartik motivates her and Gayu thanks her. On the other side, the official asked Naira to get ready soon. She thinks that she can not do this alone and thus calls Naksh and Naksh sets Akshara to help her.

Naira asked her why did you not go to Gayu’s function as she needs you. Akshara replied that ” once you get ready, I will go, you can assume me as beautician or hairdresser”.

On the other side, Gayu thanks Rama for coming. Bhabhimaa and Rajshri asked Rama for staying for more days. Rama says she is here for few days and asked for Akshara. Rajshri says she is with Naira and will come soon. Rama says Akshara should stay with Gayu for encouraging her. Bhabhimaa says she will come definitely.

Gayu shows Kartik the showstopper dress and the pearl of that dress break down and Gayu cries. Kartik asks her to calm down. Gayu calls Akshara and told her everything about show stopper dress, Akshara comforts her and asked her calm down as she will reach there soon.

Just, when Naira was just about to leave from Naira’s function, but she finds out that Naira’s dress get toned. Naira panics and says now what will happen. Akshara asks her to not get panicked as she is well prepared for this and then, she stitches Naira’s dress.

On the other side, Gayu cries and says, if Akshara was here, then I would not have happened and now, I must withdraw my name as it’s better to withdraw the name instead of getting insulted. Kartik says Akshara has come.

Akshara apologises to Gayu and asked her to calm down. She wears the show stopper dress and wears the broken pearl. And started fashion show. Everyone smiles but pearl broke down and Gayu says I know this will happen and it’s just because of Akshara as if she would have come earlier then it would have not happened.

Kartik says aunty is doing the show with confidence as she wears the broken necklace in her hand. Show stops and Gayu was called backstage by the sponsors. Akshara came there and asked Kartik that ” she would be annoyed with me.”

Kartik says you did your best as a mother . Meanwhile, Akshara and Kartik came to know that the second round of Gayu’s function will be delayed. Akshara says she need to go to Naira’s function, but I cannot leaves from here.

Kartik says he will help her and will stop the Naira’s function till you not reach there, but by the right way. Then, he reached there at the Naira’s photo shoot and star dreaming about Naira.


In the upcoming episode, Naira dances, while Akshara sings. Family smiles.