Zee Kannada Drama Juniors Winner Name DJ Puttaraju, Chitraali Grand Finale 2016 Video

Zee Kannada Drama Juniors Winner Name DJ Puttaraju, Chitraali Grand Finale 2016 Video:- The Zee Kannada presents “Drama Juniors” is all set to witness the grand finale round tonight in which Putraju and Achintya who are favourites of mass having massive chance to win the show, Amogha and Chitrali have fair chances to lift trophy as the participants’ just proved themselves better than the best by showcasing their talents’.


Gadag is set to host the grand finale episode of the Zee TV Kannada’s popular TV reality series, Drama Juniors. It will be held at the Vidyadana Samithi High School grounds at 5 PM on this Sunday.

Achintya, Tushar, Putraju, Amogha, Chitrali, Mahindra, Revathi and Tejaswini are yet to perform in the final round of the show. These eight contestants are selected as finalists of the show in which Putraju and Achintya are having a chance to lift the trophy as, according to reports, on one hand, they are talented on the other hand they are favorites of mass.

Putraju has been a top performer in Drama Juniors. He actually performs variety type of drama which is yet very impressive. Everybody is saying that Putraju can win the show. In addition, the show is being held in Putraju’s home town and he is also one of the strong contenders of the show.

The grand finale was held in Gadag district on Sunday,  September 25. The show was not aired live and it is expected to be telecast on October 1 and 2.

Rumours are doing the rounds that Puttaraju and Chitrali have been declared winners of the first season of Drama Juniors. Mahendra and Amogha have been reportedly declared first and second runners up at the event held at the Vidyadana Samithi High School grounds.

Achintya, on the other hand, has a huge fan base and he is very popular on the social site. This child has impressed the audience and judges with his innocence and viewers feel that he deserves to win the show.

Though Amogha and Chitrali are the dark horses, so these two participants’ are having the fair chance to win the show, Tushar, Mahindra, Revathi and Tejaswini have also consistently won appreciation from the judges so they can’t be ignored anyhow.

Drama Juniors began on April 30, replacing Ramesh Aravind’s popular talk show, and this Sunday after 6 months the show is all set to witness’ its grand finale round with no one else Ramesh himself. The contestants were chosen from the entire Karnataka.

The Celebration Special Round is yet to showcase the “Drama Juniors” in the prime time from 09.00 PM to 10.00 PM and the winner will be also declared at that time which is yet to announced.